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Valuable Tips for Bathroom Remodels on a Budget


Do you want to give your bathroom a makeover but having issues with your budget? You know, renovations don’t have to be expensive. You can actually prettify your bathroom without shelling out so much money. Here are some valuable tips for bathroom remodels on a budget!

1. Don’t splurge on counter-tops. While you won’t spend on bathroom counter-tops as much as you would on kitchen counters, you can still save a significant amount on bathroom vanities. For instance, instead of choosing expensive counter-tops with popular colors, choose cheaper ones that you can easily modify or re-paint. You should also consider buying your stuff from flea markets or garage sales. You may encounter bathroom vanities that are imperfect but at least, they’re way cheaper than brand new ones. Never underestimate the power of makeovers.

2. Instead of covering the entire bathroom with tiles, you may also leave some space on the wall for painting. A fresh new color will give the room a different look and feel. Here are a few tips when choosing paint:

a. Choose high-quality paint to minimize damage from the build-up of mold and mildew.

b. Make sure that your paint color goes along with your bathroom’s theme.

c. Paint slowly. Your bathroom has minimal space so be very careful when painting around the mirror, switchplates, toilet, and what-nots.

d. When available, choose mold and mildew-resistant paint.

3. Instead of buying new fixtures, just redo them. If your tub and sinks are stained yet still usable, just clean them up and apply quick fixes on hairline cracks. However, understand that refinishing these fixtures may end up even more costly. In such a case, go for a replacement. The bottom line is that you should know your options and choose the one that’s less expensive.

4. Are you tired of your bathroom tiles? If you’re no longer pleased with your current tiles, you actually have two options: clean, re-caulk and re-grout or replace. Of course, the first option is more economical. Clean the tiles thoroughly ensuring that no mildew or mold will be left behind. Afterward, apply new grout and new caulk. If you want to add more twist, you can change the color of the grout.

Now if you really want to get rid of your current tiles, choose new tile designs and materials that are not so expensive. You may also play around with the design. Instead of using only cheap, plain tiles all over the bathroom, you can pair them with artistic or expensive tiles that will serve as accents.

5. Don’t forget the lights. Never underestimate what lighting can do for your bathroom. Aside from fluorescent or white bulbs, you may also add a couple of pin lights to add a dramatic effect on your bathroom. These are perfect when you want to spend an hour relaxing in your tub.

6. Lastly, remember the small details of your bathroom, too. If your mirror is already cracked or if the shower curtain is already worn out, replace them. Add a gorgeous indoor plant that you can place in one corner of the bathroom or on your countertop. A pot of colorful flowers or lush greens will surely make the room more appealing. Just ensure that they’re sized perfectly.

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