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The Importance of Sewer Cleaning in Every Home

Douglas Orr Plumbing Inc.

Sewer cleaning is important in every home and business establishment. It should be a part of every structure’s plumbing maintenance for a lot of great reasons.

First of all, having a clean sewerage system prevents your water lines from getting contaminated.

Thus, you’ll never have to worry about people acquiring water-borne diseases.

Another reason why you have to keep your sewer lines clean is that doing so will maintain it clog-free. And you know that a whole set of problems may arise when you get clogged drains, right?

When To Call A Local Plumbing Expert

If your sewer line is backing up, clogged, or leaking, then it is best to call a plumbing expert without delay. Douglas Orr plumber offers a full range of plumbing services including sewer cleaning and repair services.

Our sewer camera inspection identifies the exact location of the problem to give your the most cost-effective course of action to flush your sewer problems.

Oftentimes, what your sewer line need is only good cleaning. In cases such as this, snaking is most of the time sufficient, but Douglass Orr also offer sewer jet cleaning service if the former doesn’t suffice. If the problem is a hole, crack, or any problem requiring a clear repair, consult us and we will provide you comparative costs of repairing or replacement to help you resolve your issues at the most cost-efficient way possible.

How Often Should You Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

Sewer lines have to be cleaned every 81-22 months as a good preventive measure. If you think that your sewer lines are experiencing problems more often than that, it maybe high time to schedule a call from a local Miami Dade plumber and schedule a video inspection.

The process involves your plumber inserting a video camera down your pipes to visually determine the issues involving your current predicament, i.e. sewer backups. The output of the video inspection will give him an overview for the necessary repair to correct the issue.

In truth, there are plenty of highly skilled plumbing technicians who you can call to make sure that everything ends up well and that all your needs are met. But, if you are really interested about cleaning out sewer lines on your own, we have another informative video that you can turn to.

We hope that these videos taught you the importance of sewer cleaning. But before you perform DIY plumbing maintenance or repair, watch this short clip first to learn about three things you’ll have to avoid. Should you need immediate drain cleaning services, don’t forget to call our trustworthy Dade County plumbers. Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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