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What Is High Pressure Jetting and Why Is It Important?


Drain clogs are a pain in the ass for property owners. The only problem is that they are inevitable. The plumbing system is already part of our everyday life and every time that we use our plumbing fixtures, waste materials flow through the drainage lines. Sticky substances found in the wastewater tend to get stuck inside the drain lines and once they accumulate, they form into clogs. Now while a plunger is useless for drainage line obstructions, you should know that plumbing snake isn’t the only answer. Because of technological advancements, homeowners can now benefit from the efficiency of high pressure jetting. Haven’t heard of it? Read on!


High pressure jetting or also known to many as hydro-jetting, involves the use of high-pressure water streams to wash away the debris inside lines and tanks. Because of pressurizing the water stream, a strong force is created that’s effective in removing different types of materials inside the drain lines. In fact, this method of power washing is also used in activities other than plumbing such as cleaning homes, driveways, removing paint from walls, and getting rid of chewing gum from sidewalks among many others.


Hydro-jetting is performed with the use of specially designed equipment that blasts water at extreme pressure ranging from 7,000 PSI up to 60,000 PSI. A hydro-jetter is commonly made up of a tank that holds the water, a pump, an engine that powers the machine, a hose, hose reel, and nozzles.


Snaking and hydro-jetting are both effective drain cleaning and unclogging methods. Snaking involves the use of an auger that allows plumbers to hook out clogs or items trapped in the lines such as toys. In principle, a plumbing snake breaks through clogs to clear the lines and let wastewater flow through smoothly again. However, when clogs are recurring or caused by strong tree roots, a hydro-jetter is the best choice. The pressurized water stream will wash away the tree roots and the sticky substances that cling onto the walls of the drainage lines. Just a word of warning though, while the plumbing snake can be used by homeowners, the hydro-jetting machine shouldn’t. Remember, the strong pressure of the water can destroy pipes. Thus, only professional plumbers who are trained and licensed to handle this kind of equipment should use it. Generally, snaking is ideal for slow-draining lines and occasional clogs caused by toilet paper or food scraps. Hydro-jetting is ideal for sticky grease, heavy sludge or stubborn clogs.

We hope that you learned valuable information about high pressure jetting from our blog today. If your drains are always clogged, it is best to call a reliable emergency plumber in Miami Beach right away. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides top-notch hydrojetting in Miami Beachas well as sewer line inspection in Miami Beach, leak location in Miami Beach, garbage disposal replacement in Miami Beach and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

Meanwhile, watch this video that shows where your sewage actually goes. This is quite interesting!

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