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Septic System Problems You Should Watch out For


Is your septic system still working efficiently? We hope so! You’ll discover that it won’t give you problems for an entire year or maybe even more BUT that is if you won’t flush down items down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed down in the first place. You should also know that regular inspection and maintenance of the system is essential to ensure that every component is in good condition and working efficiently. When one of these is missed, you’ll eventually experience problems that will result to a great deal of inconvenience in your household. To help you understand what the consequences of poor septic system maintenance are, you should check out this list of septic system problems!


If you have trees growing near the spot where your septic system is installed, you should have them cut down or moved if possible. You see, trees with strong roots are actually threats to your septic system. Their roots may crawl and find small crevices or cracks in your drainage lines. Once they penetrate the tubes, they may continuously grow and eventually clog the system. The sewage won’t flow smoothly anymore and you’ll soon find wastewater coming out of your drains. To fix this kind of problem, you should call a plumber who can locate the tree roots and eradicate them.

But wait! Before you hire someone, make sure that he is licensed and certified. There are local environmental laws that forbid the use of toxic chemicals for tree root eradication. A plumber who has undergone proper training and passed the certification should know that.


If your tank isn’t pumped regularly, it will fill up with sludge and once again, you’ll experience backups. Call your trusted plumber and ask him about the recommended schedule of septic tank pump-outs. That will vary in terms of your household size, your septic tank size, your water usage among many other factors. Also, verify with your plumber if the size of the tank is just right for your home or if you need to upgrade. That’s a great question to ask if your family has grown; if you had additional bathrooms built or if you had a new Jacuzzi installed. In addition, never dispose toilet paper, condoms, wipes, cigarette butts and sanitary napkins down the toilet. Throw them in the garbage bin.


Your septic lines and tank baffle are also vulnerable to damage. For this very reason, a complete septic system inspection performed by a professional plumber is absolutely advantageous. A professional plumber is equipped with the right tools to check on condition of your drain lines and tank baffle efficiently. If he ever discovers damaged parts, he will perform the necessary repairs right away.


Regular septic system cleaning is a must. Otherwise, even its filters will get clogged in the end. The filters are significant to the system because they are responsible for keeping the sludge or solid wastes from getting into your drainfield. Just a word of warning, don’t clean the filters on your own. You may see DIY videos on YouTube that feature homeowners cleaning their septic filters. Don’t do the same. Otherwise, you’ll not only risk your home plumbing system but also your own health and safety.

We hope that you learned a lot about septic tank problems today. Should you experience issues with your sewer system, just call the most trustworthy emergency plumber in Fort Lauderdale immediately. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides excellent septic tank cleaning in Fort Lauderdale as well as toilet installation in Fort Lauderdale, backflow testing in Fort Lauderdale, sewer repair in Fort Lauderdale and many more! Call us at(305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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