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What Is Sewer Pipe Inspection and Why Is It Important?


The majority of your daily activities at home require the use of your plumbing system. These activities include, but are not limited to preparing and cooking your food; watering the plants; doing the laundry; cleaning your pots and pans; washing the dirty dishes; washing your face; brushing your teeth; taking a bath and so on and so forth. And every time that you make use of your plumbing fixtures, we also produce wastewater or sewage water which is transported by your drainage lines. Now the problem is, some of the sticky and oily substances linger inside the pipelines. There are also instances when foreign objects get accidentally flushed down the toilet or when tree roots intrude the sewer pipes. For these very reasons, clogs occur. Fortunately, you can call your licensed plumber for a sewer pipe inspection.


Sewer pipe is an essential plumbing service that’s provided by licensed and trained plumbing experts. It involves the use of professional-grade equipment such as the famous sewer camera that’s maneuvered inside the system with the help of a specially designed tube. The other end of this tube is connected to a monitor that allows the plumber to watch a clear shot of the pipe interior. The camera has an illumination feature that allows itself to clearly capture the interior of the pipeline regardless of how pitch-black it is inside. It can spot crevices, cracks, tree roots, clogs and holes. To make these devices work, they are electrically powered by a generator that’s loaded in a special service truck.


Once the problem in the sewer line is identified, the licensed plumber should be able to apply the appropriate repair. For clogs, they can either dislodge the solid object with the use of a plumbing snake or wash away greasy materials through hydro-jetting.

For cracks, holes and damaged pipes, the plumber can suggest non-invasive or trenchless repair methods such as:

1. Pipe Bursting

2. Slip-Lining

3. Cured-In-Place Piping (CIPP)

4. Mechanical Spot Repair


Many homeowners consider sewer inspection a service that’s required only when problems arise. They only call their trusted plumbing company when they are already facing leaks, blockages, backflows, backups and foul odors at home. That’s not right. Sewer pipes must be inspected regularly to ensure that they’re kept in good condition, thus preventing the occurrence of issues that will cause you and your family a great deal of inconvenience. We recommend sewer pipe inspections to be done twice a year. This way, imminent problems will be identified right away and the appropriate repairs will be provided ASAP.

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