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DIY Small Plumbing Leak Repair Guide


Plumbing leaks are inevitable. No matter how careful you are when using your plumbing fixtures or no matter how much you maintain your plumbing appliances, time will come when you’ll discover water trickling out of a pipe or fitting. Now while there are leaks that won’t cause damage on your properties, you should know that all leaks should be stopped immediately. Why? Because they won’t only contribute on your water bill but they’ll also waste a lot of water. With all the environmental issues that we are facing now, water conservation is a must. Here’s a DIY guide on how to fix small plumbing leaks at home.


1. Identify the part of the pipe that leaks. When you’ve already found the source, turn the water supply off. If you don’t have a separate valve for the affected pipe, you should turn the main supply valve off.

2. Once you have turned the water supply off, get a clean rag or a piece of cloth. Wipe the affected pipe and make sure that it’s going to be dry. Clean it to ensure that there won’t be any debris, mold or sediment that can affect the repair. You can also sand the crack where the leak is coming from.

3. Afterward, get your plumber’s tape and wrap it on the cracked spot. Guarantee that it’s going to make the area leak-free and take note that the tape should extend a few inches from the crack.

4. To seal the connection, apply some epoxy paste on the leaking area. Do this when you’re sure that the spot is dry. Otherwise, the paste won’t work. Also, remember to flatten the epoxy when you’re done with the application. Allow it to set for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. To test if the repair worked, turn the water supply valve on.

5. Inspect the area. That should have put a stop to the leak.


There are times when the leak will come from connections or fittings. Again, make sure that the affected area is dry. Get a small wrench and tighten the bolt that connects both parts together. Don’t over tighten the bolt because that will only worsen the situation. After tightening, apply epoxy paste as directed previously.


Another way to stop a leak is with the use of a hose. Slit a portion of a garden hose pipe and cover the part of the pipe that leaks. Afterward, check under the underside of the hose. Hold it together by inserting the clamp on the hose. Screw the clamp then you’re done. You may also use a plumber’s tape to create a more secure connection.


For super small leaks, just rub a compound stick around the hole or crack on the pipe. Afterward, install a pipe clamp and then tighten it with screws.

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Want more pipe repair tips? Watch our video below!

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