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What to Do Until the Water Restoration Crew Arrives


Have you ever experienced flooding in your home due to a natural disaster or a bad plumbing problem? We hope not. The damages that result from flooding are not only painful to our wallets; the repairs are also quite time-consuming. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing that you can do about this but ask water damage restoration professionals handle the problem for you. While waiting for their crew to arrive at your doorstep, here are few things you should remember:

1. Discern if it’s still safe to stay inside your home. If the flood is too high, get out in order to prevent accidents.

2. Remember, water and electricity are a bad combination. Turn your electrical panels off before the flood reaches your electrical outlets and appliances. You do not want to compromise the safety of your loved ones. Better yet, call an electrician right away and let them shut off the power supply to ensure that you won’t get hurt either.

3. Avoid engaging in activities that will only compromise your safety. For instance, do not walk around the house if appliances, electronics, and their cables are already touching the water.

4. We know that you would want to salvage as many of your belongings. Be very careful when lifting wet furniture. They will be heavy and might even break your back if you try to lift them on your own. Ask for help.

5. To avoid further damage in your property, avoid leaving wet linens, fabrics, and clothes on top of wooden furniture and surfaces. If you have leather and fur items at home and they’ve been soaked, hang them to dry right away to minimize the damage.

6. It’s the digital age but most of us still have books and other paper belongings at home. Save them immediately and never leave them on the floor or on wet carpets.

7. If you’ll try to remove some of the water, make sure that you won’t get electrocuted. Scoop the water out with a bucket and drain them properly. You may also mop and blot the water away. Avoid using your vacuum to get rid of the water.

8. If your ceiling is wet, do not use your ceiling fixtures at all. Don’t go to rooms where the ceilings are sagging. You don’t want to be left under a pile of rubble when the ceilings give in.

9. If you are using colored rugs at home and they get soaked in the flood, remove them from the floor immediately. Doing so will avoid stains on your expensive carpets and floors.

10. Art objects are not cheap at all. Put them to safety and let them dry. If your paintings get soaked, call an art curator ASAP.

11. Prop wet cushions and upholstery immediately to minimize the damage. Wipe wood furniture ASAP, too after removing the tabletop items off them.

We hope that you enjoyed our tips about water restoration. If you have plumbing issues at home right now, just call the most trustworthy Hialeah plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides exceptional plumbing services in Hialeah FL including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, plumbing fixture repair, sewer line inspection, leak detection and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731}to schedule a service!

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