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Leaking Bathtub Faucet and Shower Repair for Homeowners


Do you have a tub that’s connected to a shower? A plumbing setup like this requires the use of a diverter. This component is responsible for sending the water to the right fixture, whether it’s the tub faucet or the tub’s shower. Over time, the components of these fixtures will wear out and eventually leak. When you notice the drip, you must ensure that immediate repair is done in order to avoid flooding and damages on your property. If the leak comes from the faucet, read on and find out how you can fix the problem!

  1. Start by shutting off the water supply then turn the valve on to get rid of the remaining water inside the pipes. Carefully pry the faucet’s handle cap with a putty knife or a pocket knife. Any flat substitute will do, too.
  2. Detach the faucet handle’s screw. Wiggle the bathtub’s faucet handle and slowly pull it off. If it won’t budge, use a hair dryer to warm the handle. Doing so will loosen the fixture. You may also use a handle puller to accomplish this task. Do it by placing the puller’s post against the faucet handle’s screwhead. Press the tool’s arms together and turn the post clockwise right until the faucet handle pops loose. When you have successfully removed the handle, pull the escutcheon plate off.
  3. Now slide the bathtub socket onto the faucet stem’s bonnet. Carefully turn it in a counterclockwise direction to break the faucet stem loose. If it’s stuck, soak the part with a lubricant. When it’s loose, unscrew and detach the faucet stem.
  4. Afterward, get a seat wrench and press it onto the center of the faucet’s seat. Turn it counterclockwise to snap it loose and disconnect it as well. Again, use a penetrating lubricant if the part is stuck. When you’ve already snapped it loose, coat the new seat’s threads with pipe dope and carefully screw it into the faucet’s body. Use a seat wrench to complete this task.
  5. Now get the replacement faucet kit and start to reassemble it. Begin by lubricating the components or parts with plumber’s grease. If you are dealing with a two-handle faucet, you should replace the washer and seats for both valves (hot and cold).
  6. Unscrew the faucet’s packing nut. Turn its stem clockwise and pull it back out of the bonnet. Pry the old washer with a flathead screwdriver or any substitute. Grease the faucet stem’s threads and put it back in place (in the bonnet). Now grease the new washer and slide it in place, too. Grease the threads of the packing nut and tighten it.
  7. Get rid of the old seat washer’s screw and the old washer as well. Grease the new components and put them in place.
  8. Pull the old faucet bonnet washer off. Lubricate the new one and slide it into place as well. Reinstall the faucet body, the handle splines, the new escutcheon and the faucet handle. Make sure that everything’s snug.
  9. Turn the water supply valve on. Run the tap and then check for leaks.

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