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Essential Plumber Tools for the Homeowner


You should always rely on professionals when plumbing emergencies and issues arise. But, if you have basic DIY skills, you’ll find that keeping a tool kit at home is indeed valuable. You just can’t tell when your faucet suddenly gets worn out or when your toilet clogs. In these instances, it will be beneficial to have some tools ready as these issues are pretty easy to resolve. If you’re in the process of completing your toolbox, here’s a list you can use for your reference.

1. Teflon Tape

Teflon is just the brand of plumber’s tape. A plumbing tape is a flexible and thin tape that is utilized to secure joint connections and keep them leak-free. The tape seals gas and air to prevent them from escaping out of the pipes. These tapes vary in use or size and come in rolls. They are cheap and are available in all plumbing supply shops or home improvement centers.

2. Plunger

In the event of a toilet or drain clog, it is advantageous to have a plunger handy. Just remember that there are two kinds of the plunger and they can either be used for drains or for toilets. To use the plunger, make sure that its rubber part is soaked in water. Position right at the center of the drain or toilet and plunge up and down, maintaining a continuous pace.

3. Sink Snake

Aside from the plunger, a sink snake can also get rid of sink drain clogs. It is a wire that’s inserted into the drain until it touches the blockage. It will break down the clog into smaller pieces and let you hook the debris out of the drain pipe with ease. You may also use this for your bathtub or shower drain.

4. Toilet Snake

The toilet snake or toilet auger is another version of the plumbing snake. It is specifically made for water closets or toilets and yet works like the sink auger.

5. Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is another iconic symbol of the plumbing industry. With this tool, you can tighten or loosen nuts, bolts, and joints. The wrench provides a strong grip that will help you detach pipes; loosen bolts or nuts, fixtures, and other plumbing parts. Just be careful when using this tool because its teeth are sharp and may even leave marks on your faucet or shower knob.

6. Pipe Cutter

A pipe or tubing cutter is essential when repairing or installing copper and metal pipes. It is used to cut tubes easily and squarely in order to create joints. While you can use a hack saw for cutting pipes, you’ll find that having a tubing cutter is more convenient.

7. Faucet Washers And Packing

Your faucets are among the fixtures that get worn out fast. It will be helpful if you stock up on packing and washers so that you can fix leaks immediately. You can also use these supplies when the fixture gets loose.

8. Faucet Valve Seat Wrench

To repair faucet valve seats, you’ll need to include a seat wrench in your kit. This tool will let you tighten or loosen seat valves during repairs, installation, and replacement.

We hope that you learned about the essential plumber tools you should have at home. If problems arise, just call the most reputable Margate plumber for your plumbing needs. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides local plumbing services in Margate FL including hot water heater installation, plumbing appliance installation, toilet repair, backflow prevention, drain pipe unclogging and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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