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Tips When Remodeling Outdoor Kitchens

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An outdoor kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. Think about delicious Sunday brunches enjoyed with family and friends. Think about romantic dinners under the light of shimmering stars. Think about memorable summer barbecue parties. Having a functional and beautiful outdoor kitchen will surely give you precious memories that you’ll cherish. So if you are thinking about starting a new construction or a remodeling project, read on and check out some valuable tips we compiled just for you!

  • Make sure that your outdoor kitchen is functional. It should not miss any of these important work areas: preparation, cooking, serving, and cleaning. That being said, you should have a countertop where you can prep your ingredients; a stove or grill area; a dining table where you’ll serve your guests, and of course, a sink complete with fixtures to clean your pots, pans, and other dining and cooking utensils.
  • The traffic pattern is just as important to outdoor kitchens as it is to indoor kitchens. There should be enough space for people to move around quickly and smoothly. The work areas should also be near but too close to each other. This way, working in the kitchen won’t be an issue for the cook.
  • The fixtures, appliances, and equipment that you’ll choose for this part of your house should be able to withstand elements. Most outdoor kitchens do not have walls or roofs for protection. So plan well and choose well. Just a quick tip! Stainless equipment is the best to use outside. And if a roof won’t hurt the theme or concept you’ll choose, have one built for your kitchen. It will provide extra protection to your belongings even without the walls.
  • A long table is dual-function. It can both serve as your dining and prep area. You can also add stools to make it a comfy place for conversations and drinks.
  • If you have a swimming pool, build your kitchen near it. This way, the party stays in one place and people won’t have a hard time taking a splash; getting something to eat, or grabbing a bottle of beer.
  • Never forget to plan the utility lines efficiently. They should be installed only by plumbing professionals to avoid accidents. Remember, gas lines should be kept away from combustible areas and flammable things.
  • Provide adequate lighting to ensure that the outdoor kitchen is also usable at night.
  • Do your research and spend time getting ideas online. The internet is teeming with so many concepts and design suggestions that will make the area a lovely place to hang out in.

If you need professional assistance for such a project, just call the most trusted plumber for your kitchen remodeling needs. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides local plumbing services throughout Miami FL - contact us today to schedule a service!

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