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What Is a Plumber Camera?


Have you ever wondered how plumbers check drainage pipes when the latter are buried under the ground? During the old days, plumbers had to excavate just to find the cracks, leaks and other problems that affect underground pipes. Imagine how inconvenient that was especially if the tubes were buried right under the house. But thanks to science and technology, we now have plumber cameras.

What Is A Plumber Camera?

A plumber camera is a type of telepresence that allows professionals to explore the interior of plumbing and drainage lines. It features some sort of illumination that will make even the darkest parts of the pipes visible. The camera is attached to a lengthy probe that permits the device to navigate through the tubes regardless of how further in it goes. To safely maneuver the camera, there’s a reel that can be used to turn it sideways or to move it forward and backward. Now if you’re wondering how plumbers can see what’s inside the pipeline, the camera is actually connected to a monitor. This monitor, meanwhile, varies in size and in resolution.

How Is The Plumber Camera Used?

The plumber camera is easy to use. However, it is important that only professionals make use of this equipment. As you can see, it is quite expensive and one wrong move will damage it. Anyway, the plumbing clean-out or the end of the affected pipe should be accessed just by removing it lid. Once the lid of the clean-out is removed, the camera will be inserted into the pipe. The reel will be turned to move it further into the tube. Now the probe will illuminate the area and the plumber will start looking for the blockage, crack or leak. Once located, the camera will then be pulled out and the right repair solution will be applied.

Advantages Of Using A Plumber Camera

Because of this wonderful piece of gadget, professionals no longer need to live with the adage, “trial and error”. All they have to do now is use the camera to locate the problem and from there, apply the necessary solution. In the years prior, they used to try several repair methods out because they didn’t have a device that allowed them to see the pipe interior. Thus, the amount of time that they now spend on such a project is cut down which in turn reduces the labor fee that they charge as well.

Another important reason why a plumber camera is indispensable is that plumbers no longer have to excavate just to diagnose pipes. And in terms of repair, there are already no-dig pipe methods that they can apply, too. Last but not the least, safety is also among the benefits of using this plumbing tool. Professionals won’t have to use their hands to inspect the pipes. Thus, their health is no longer compromised.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about the plumber camera. If you are experiencing issues with your drainage pipes, just call a reliable Fort Lauderdale plumber to check your sewer line for you. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides reliable plumbing services in Fort Lauderdale FL including sewer cleaning, sewer jetting, sewer camera locator, backflow prevention, leak detection and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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