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How to Unclog a Basement Floor Drain


Clogged drains are inevitable plumbing issues. It seems as if no matter how hard you try to prevent blockages in your drainage system, problems still arise sooner or later. You’ll also notice that when your basement floor drain gets clogged, all the other drains in your house are affected. That’s because all drain pipes in your house are interconnected. The drain pipe in your basement is the last stop of all the sewage in your property before it finally goes to your septic tank or the public sewer. Since it is exposed to a lot of different waste materials, it has become prone to clogging. If you are facing this kind of plumbing problem right now, here’s a detailed guide on how it is fixed.

1. Before the inspection or repair of the clogged pipe, a pair of rubber gloves should be worn to protect the hands from bacteria. The drain pipe is dirty and one’s health may be compromised with the exposure to all the bacteria in the system.

2. Once the hands are protected, any standing water on the floor should be scooped out and disposed of with the use of a bucket. Doing so will give better access to the floor drain.

3. When all the standing water is removed from the floor, the clean-out should be located. It’s where the drain pipe is accessed and it’s the component of your plumbing that makes cleaning, inspection and unclogging of your drainage system hassle-free.

4. When the clean-out is finally found, its lid should be removed with the use of a wrench.

5. A plumbing snake will be inserted into the clean-out. Water will be poured into the pipe as well to add force to the snake and help it go further down. The snake’s crank will be turned clockwise to continuously push the wire in until it touches on a solid object. That marks the clog.

6. To break the clog into tiny pieces, the snake’s crank will be continuously turned clockwise. This will be repeated until the resistance is gone.

7. Once the pipe has been cleared, the plumbing snake will be slowly and carefully pulled out. A bucket should be ready because that’s where the waste materials stuck to the snake will be placed.

8. When no solid object is left inside the drain pipe, a pot of boiling hot water will be poured into it to wash away the small sediments and waste substances in the tube.

9. The clean-out will be covered once again.

We hope that you learned how the basement floor drain is unclogged through our blog today. If you are experiencing problems with your drainage system, just call the most reliable Broward County plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides top-notch plumbing services in Broward County FL including sewer cleaning, leak detection, sewer camera locator, sewer jetter cleaning, backflow prevention and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

Learn how to plumb a floor drain. Watch this video now.

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