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Shower Diagram Plumbing: How the Fixture Works


Wanna Know How a Fixture Works?

The shower is an important plumbing fixture every bathroom should have. Though most homes have bathtubs, we cannot deny the fact that a shower provides us quick baths and speedy relief from a tiring day at work. Instead of filling a whole tub with water just to freshen up, all you need to do is go under the shower, turn the knob on and enjoy the gush of water that flows out of the shower head. Now as a homeowner, you should also be aware of how the shower works. This way, you’ll know how to apply quick fixes in case the fixture leaks or stops working. Here are some valuable information you should keep in mind!

How The Fixture Works

The way the shower works is not difficult to understand at all. Once the knob is turned, water is pumped from your main water line. The water will pass through the meter to measure how much water you’ll use; flow through the supply pipe and go straight to your water heating system if you demanded for hot water. The water will then be heated by your tank-type or tankless water heater and then distributed to the supply line that goes straight to your bathroom. If you only demanded cold water, the water won’t need to pass through the heating system. It will go straight to your bathroom plumbing pipes.

Now if the shower is not hooked to a bathtub, the water will flow right out of the shower head. If the fixture is connected to a tub faucet, there should be a diverter that will direct the water to the right fixture. The diverter valve will send the water either out of your tub or out of the shower, depending on what fixture you’d want to use.

The Shower Drain

Now as you wash yourself under the shower, the water will get dirty and go down the drain. The water will flow to the under-floor trap and then to the drainage pipe. From the drain pipe, the wastewater will stop one last time to your basement floor drain then flow to the septic tank. If you don’t have a septic tank, the wastewater will then be led to the sewer system where your house is connected to.

The Purpose Of The Vent System

The vent pipes in your house also play a big role in your plumbing system. In this case, the wastewater that you produce when showering will continuously flow down the drain through the help of the vent pipes. These things send sewer or drain gases up through your roof in order to keep the air pressure in the drainage pipes. The air pressure helps in flushing the wastewater.

We hope that you learned about shower diagram plumbing from our blog today. If you are experiencing problems with your bathroom, just call a reputable Bay Harbor Islands plumber to fix your shower. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides reliable plumbing services in Bay Harbor Islands FL including plumbing repairs, bathroom remodeling, outdoor shower remodeling, bathroom fixtures remodeling, water heater service and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731 to schedule a service!

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