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Why Are Backflow Preventers Needed in Industrial Plumbing?


Just as much as there are different types of buildings or structures, there are also various types of plumbing systems. These include residential, commercial, institutional and industrial. Obviously, residential structures serve as homes for families and individuals. Commercial structures include shops, restaurants, and other business establishments. Institutional structures include hospitals and other medical or healthcare facilities. And industrial structures are those that serve in the production of goods or services in an economy. These include factories, power plants, warehouses, distilleries and breweries among many others. Keeping all these in mind, allow us to talk about the importance of backflow prevention in industrial plumbing systems.

Since industrial structures are meant for the production of goods (and services) that are later on distributed to consumers, it is important that the plumbing system is installed without flaw. This way, the smooth operation will be ensured and plumbing related emergencies will be reduced if not totally eradicated. Aside from this point, it is also important that backflows are prevented to consequently avoid any risk of contamination. Remember, backflows are caused by factors such as back pressure and back siphonage. Backpressure occurs when the water pressure in a sewage or drainage line surpasses the water pressure in clean water lines. Because of this, wastewater enters the clean water supply pipes and contaminates the system. Backsiphonage, meanwhile, happens when the pressure reduction in the clean water lines result to a flow reversal.

To ensure that these plumbing issues are avoided, backflow prevention devices should be installed. These devices are specially designed to prevent back siphonage and back pressure problems, thus preventing backflows in the system. These are not only used in industrial structures but also in other types of buildings as well, even in homes. The use of these things is truly a must that even commercial establishments like auto shops, barber shops, parlors, spas, and carwashes are required to have them installed. You should also note that buildings more than three stories tall are required just the same.

Now you should remember that backflow preventers may only be installed by licensed and certified plumbing professionals. Even long-time contractors and plumbers are required to take backflow certification every two years, depending on the area’s local plumbing codes and regulations. Without backflow certification, even professional plumbers won’t be able to provide installation services. With that being said, never try to do the installation on your own. You’ll only put your plumbing system and your property at risk. Just hire a trusted contractor or plumbing professional for the job.

We hope that you know understand why backflow prevention is a must in industrial plumbing. If you need professional assistance, just call a reliable Aventura plumber for your plumbing needs. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides reliable plumbing services in Aventura FL including plumbing repairs, commercial plumbing, gas system installation, remodeling, repiping and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

Learn more about backflow prevention and cross-connection control! Watch this video now.

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