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How to Find Good Plumbers in Hialeah Fl


Good plumbers are hard to come by. With so many plumbing technicians offering their services, how will you identify which among them is the right person to hire?! We’re pretty sure that you have read negative plumbing service reviews online. You may have encountered homeowners who shared their horrible experiences with a certain plumbing contractor. Some report about getting ripped off. Some report about incapacity to fix the plumbing issue. And that’s reality. There are just some plumbers who will disappoint you. And while it’s true that finding the right plumber is challenging, you should know that it’s not impossible. Here are some tips that will help you find good plumbers in Hialeah FL!

1. First things, first. Check if the contractor or plumber has a plumbing license. It’s a proof that he has gone through years of learning and training as well as passed the examination that allows him to provide quality plumbing services.

2. Ask if they have insurance. You can never tell when a pipe installation goes crazy or leads to an accident. To protect not only your property but also that of your neighbor’s, it is important that the plumber has insurance.

3. Ask your loved ones and friends for referral. Surely, they’ve already hired plumbers before and would honestly tell you if a specific plumber is great or the otherwise.

4. Check online reviews. There are several places online where you can go and read customer testimonials. Review sites like Yelp, Google Places, and Angie’s List are valuable resources you should use.

5. Visit the plumber or contractor’s website or social media accounts if they have one. Consumers nowadays use social media to leave positive or negative feedback that will influence your decision-making.

6. Check the company or plumber’s years of experience. We don’t mean to say that newbie companies are less capable than old ones. But we all know that experience is a great teacher. The more plumbing jobs they handle, the more techniques they learn and the better their skills become.

7. Ask if they provide guarantees. Sometimes, services are provided with a money-back guarantee. Ask if the plumber does, too.

8. Get a quotation. Provide the plumber detailed information about the problem you’re currently experiencing. Minor problems like a broken faucet or a leaking sink drain pipe are easy to quote over the phone. But complex jobs such as remodeling and pipe installations will require not only more information but a visit from the contractor. The cost of a remodeling project depends on several factors and it will be best if the plumber checks the room first before giving a quotation. This way, he can check the size of the room (remodeling cost depends on square footage as well); verify the jobs that should be done (will the tiles be replaced; the walls re-painted; the fixtures upgraded, etc) and provide you suggestions on how you can cut the cost down.

We hope that you learned how to find good plumbers in Hialeah FL. If you need plumbing assistance, just call the most trusted Key Biscayne plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides reliable plumbing services in Key Biscayne FL including plumbing repairs, remodeling, gas system installation, repiping, backflow prevention and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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