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Quick and Easy Diy Toilet Flange Repair


Have you heard the term toilet flange? For most people who are not into plumbing, the words may be confusing. But if you are a DIY plumber, then you might already know what it is. Just for the sake of this DIY guide, let us introduce to you the toilet flange. It’s some sort of pipe fitting that provides two functions: to mount the toilet and to connect the toilet bowl to the drainpipe. Some people in the trade call this part as the closet flange because toilets were referred to as “water closets” during the earlier times. It is usually made from PVC or ABS but there are also other types that are made from stainless steel, brass, copper and even pure plastic. Anyway, when the flange deteriorates or gets worn out, you’ll notice that the toilet becomes wobbly, starts to leak and sometimes experiences clogs, too. In such cases, it will be wise to repair the flange right away to keep the toilet in good working condition. Here’s a DIY guide to help you!

1. First things, first. Shut the water supply valve off to prevent flooding your work area. Using your pair of reliable pliers, unscrew the supply hose connected to the toilet then flush it to remove water from the tank. Now detach the toilet from its flange by using a wrench. Remove the nuts that secure the bolts. Once done, lift the toilet and place it somewhere safe, making sure that it’s seated on a newspaper or a clean dropcloth.

2. Check out the old flange and you’ll notice that it has wax on it. Get rid of the wax by scraping it off. When you’re done, detach the bolts and take a look at the flange. If you see any breakage on a track, you have to repair the plate. On the other hand, if the breakage is severe, you would have to use a new ring or replace the flange.

3. If you can use a repair plate, you simply have to remove the screws that secure the flange on the bathroom floor. Use a Phillips screwdriver to accomplish this task. Force the damaged track open with the help of a flat screwdriver. Insert the plate underneath.

4. Now prep the flange by lining up the tracks of the new repair plate. Re-position the screws that you just removed. Let them go through the holes in the plate, making sure that everything’s fitted right. They should all go straight across the flange.

5. Now if the damage requires you to utilize a repair ring, you have to leave the flange connected to the subfloor. There’s really no need to detach it. Just place the ring on top of the flange. Line the ring tracks and secure it to the bathroom floor with screws. Install the new ring to the subfloor via the offset screw holes.

6. If you need to replace the flange, you have to remove the old ring first that was originally installed. Start by unscrewing it from the floor. You can cut it with your hacksaw if it won’t budge. When you’re done, lift the metal off with the use of your flat screwdriver and pliers. Repeat the process until the ring is already separated from the closet flange.

7. Slide the new flange into the opening and keep on pushing it down until it’s already secured to the floor. Guarantee the connection by installing the bolts tightly to keep the flange in place.

8. Fasten the flange’s bolt heads right to the underside of the new plate, ring or replacement flange that you just installed. Make sure that these parts are positioned properly at the center of the tracks. Install a new wax ring to ensure that the flange will hold securely. Put the toilet back in place and once again, secure the flange. Reconnect the water supply hose. When you’re done, turn the valve on and test for leaks before using the toilet.

We hope that you learned how simple it is to do a toilet flange repair. Should you need professional plumbing help for your home, just call the most trusted Florida City plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional plumbing services in Florida City including toilet repair, plumbing repairs, sewer jetter cleaner, sewer cleaning, backflow prevention and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731 !

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