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The Miami Plumber's Guide on Garbage Disposal Installation


A garbage disposal system is an important appliance in every home. If your unit already needs to be replaced or if you just don’t have one yet, you should read our blog and find out how easy it is to set it up. Just make sure that you’ll have all your tools and supplies ready before starting the project.

1. Turn your power supply off. If possible, also turn off your circuit breaker. This way, you’ll avoid accidents caused by electrocution. Also, tell other people at home not to touch the power supply.

2. Prepare your sink by first removing the drain lines. Loosen the nut that’s found on the base of the sink flange and let it fall down. Push on the kitchen sink strainer through the drain and remove it as well. Since you’ll be creating a new installation, you’ll have to keep the sink hole clean. Using your screwdriver, cautiously get rid of the old putty on the sink. Wipe the area clean with a rag to guarantee that it is free from sediments.

4. Get the mounting assembly and turn it over. Loosen the screws with your screwdriver (or your fingers) right until you have gained access on the snap ring. Pry it off the sink’s flange and you’ll notice that the mounting assembly will now detach. Take the parts off without breaking the fiber gasket.

5. Once done, roll putty around the sink hole and press it down firmly. Attach the fiber gasket as well as the metal ring for backup over the sink flange. Keep the two secured in place while you slide the mounting ring on the flange. It should be seated adjacent to the backup ring. Attach a rubber band around the flange just to keep all the parts in place. While the parts are held by the rubber, slip the snap ring in the flange. Tighten it with the mounting screws that you removed earlier.

6. Get your garbage disposal’s user manual and follow instructions on how to prepare the system for mounting. There should be special instructions as pushing the plug; inserting a wire clamp in the electrical hole; connecting and securing the electrical wires; pushing these wires into the system’s access hole and tightening it with the clamp and finally mounting the garbage disposal into place. Consult an electrician if you’re not too skilled with it.

7. Once the appliance is safely mounted, it’s time to install the drain lines. Start with the P-trap by attaching it to the trap arm and tailpiece. Connect the discharge pipe to the T-fitting. Next, attach the other end of the discharge pipe to the machine. Then, secure the flange using your screwdriver and bolts that came with the package. Tighten the slip nuts and finish the installation by slipping the bell on the unit’s drain. Finally, clamp the fitting.

We hope that this garbage disposal installation guide helps you in setting up your unit easily. If ever you’ll need assistance with this task, just call the most trustworthy Sweetwater FL plumbing professionals. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional plumbing services in Sweetwater FL including plumbing repairs, kitchen remodeling, gas system installation, leak detection and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731!

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