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How to Fix a Backed up Drain the Right Way


Have you experienced backups in your drains at home? Backups are a kind of drainage problem that involves the inability of your plumbing system to transport waste materials straight to your septic tank or the public/city sewer where your house is connected to. Instead of being disposed of properly, sewage or waste materials escape out of a different drain. For instance, instead of wastewater getting flushed down the kitchen sink and getting dumped into the drainage system, it goes into a different line and comes out of your toilet bowl. That’s quite nasty, isn’t it? Imagine the worst substances and smell that may escape out of your drains.

What Causes Backups

Backups are caused by several factors including clogs caused by pouring grease into the sink drain; flushing too much toilet paper; loading your garbage disposal too much and many other activities that may result to an obstruction in your sewage line. Backups may also be caused by tree root intrusion in your sewer pipes. Last but not the least, this kind of plumbing emergency may also be caused by damaged sewage lines.

Signs Of Backups

One sign of a budding backup is the presence of foul smell. It may come from your sink drain, basement floor drain or even your toilet. This nasty smell indicates that wastewater doesn’t reach your septic tank or public sewer. You should also be observant when it comes to the sounds that your toilet bowl creates. If you hear any bubbling noise when you flush it or when you use your sink, it signifies that air is trapped inside the system which may have resulted from a blockage. Another obvious sign of such a problem is the escape of sewage out of your drains.

How To Fix Drain Backups

If the backup is caused by a clog in your drainage pipe, the first method in fixing such a problem is to clear the blockage through these tried and tested methods. Plug the other drains in your house so that sewage won’t get out while you’re trying to unclog a drain. Avoid using chemical drain uncloggers because they will damage your drainage system in the end. If, on the other hand, the problem lies in your very sewage system (septic tank or sewer lines), you’ll have to call a professional to inspect and fix the issue at hand. Remember, licensed plumbing professionals have undergone proper training and also make use of the right equipment for sewer clearing.

We hope that you learned how to fix a backed up drain from our blog today. Should you need professional assistance, just hire the most dependable North Miami FL plumbing service providers. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides first-rate plumbing services in North Miami FL including plumbing repairs, septic tank and grease traps installation, sewer cleaning, sewer camera locator, backflow prevention and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731!

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