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The Homeowner’s List of Effective Toilet Unblockers


A clogged toilet is deemed as any homeowner’s nightmare. It’s not only inconvenient and annoying but also really messy to fix. Just thinking about all the waste materials flushed down that drain will surely make your hair crawl. But fear not. If you are in search of an effective toilet unblocker, let us share this list with you. Just take note that the effectiveness of these methods depend on the gravity of the clog.

1. Dish Soap

If the blockage is just mild, you can use your dish soap to clear the toilet. Just boil a kettle of water and set it aside. Pour a cup of dish soap into the bowl. The soap will work its way down the pipe and will lubricate whatever’s causing the clog. To help it get all the way inside, pour the boiling water into the toilet. Leave it for a few minutes then flush the toilet to test if the method worked. If it didn’t, you can simply repeat the process or move on to the next method.

2. Baking Soda And Vinegar

Who has never heard of the dynamic tandem of baking soda and vinegar? We bet no one. When these two ingredients combine, they form a chemical reaction that fizzes out nasty clogs and sticky substances in the drainpipe. Just pour half a box of baking soda and then pour half a cup of vinegar afterwards. Plug the drain opening to prevent the ingredients from escaping. Let the ingredients work their magic for 30 minutes then pour a pot of boiling water to wash them further down.

3. Coat Hanger

If the two techniques don’t work, then maybe it’s time to push or hook the solids out. We don’t really recommend using a coat hanger but if you don’t have a snake or tubing, it will do. Just create a hook out of a wire coat hanger; insert it into the toilet’s drain hole and snake out the blockage.

4. Flexible Plastic Tubing

If you don’t want to waste your coat hanger, you can use flexible plastic tubing to push the solid wastes further into the system and eventually clear the pipe. There are also stores that sell drain rods which work just about the same. Just make sure that you’ll use a tube that measures a meter in length so that you won’t need to get too close to the toilet.

5. Plunger

The plunger is an essential tool that you should always have handy. Remember that it comes in two varieties so be certain that you’ll use the right type for your toilet. Just position the rubber part right on top of the drain hole and guarantee that it’s well-covered by water. Once you’re ready, start plunging up and down, maintaining a steady, consistent pace. Repeat the process for about 15 times and then flush the toilet to test if the blockage has been removed.

6. Closet Auger

During the earlier times, a toilet is referred to as a water closet and that’s how the closet auger got its name. It’s a hand-held auger or plumbing snake that’s very effective in unclogging toilets. Simply insert the wire into the drain hole and turn the crank clockwise. Keep pushing the wire inside until it reaches the clog. Break into it then slowly pull the wire out to dispose of the waste material that you hooked out.

7. Caustic Soda

When all the above-mentioned techniques don’t work at all, don’t resort to using chemical cleaners. The best that you can use is caustic soda. Be careful when using it though because it can seriously harm you. Pour a kilogram of the substance into about three to four liters of water in a bucket. Stir it slowly and make sure that the room is ventilated so that you won’t get suffocated by the fumes. When it’s ready, carefully pour the mixture into the toilet bowl. Put the toilet seat cover down and leave it alone for the rest of the night. In the morning, check if the clog has been removed by pouring two buckets of hot water into the bowl.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about the different toilet unblocker techniques that you can use at home. If you need professional plumbing assistance, just hire local Surfside FL plumbers. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional plumbing services in Surfside FL including plumbing repairs, backflow prevention, bathroom fixture remodeling, leak detection and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731 to schedule an appointment!

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