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Creative and Affordable Master Bath Ideas for Your Home


Remodeling your bathroom is truly a fun and exciting experience. Imagine the thrill of seeing your toilet and bath with a whole new look that’s stylish, fresh and appealing! Setting the expenses aside, it surely is every homeowner’s dream to renovate this part of the house. So before you disregard remodeling due to financial constraints, let us tell you this. There are easy, creative and affordable ways to give your bathroom a makeover. Here are some tips!

1. Paint your bathroom. A new coating of paint will give the room a fresher, newer look. You can also change its color to something that you haven’t tried before.

2. Tiles are wonderful eye pleasers! However, you might want to consider lessening the amount of space that you’ll cover with these ceramic (or marble) beauties. You can tile half the wall and paint the rest of it. You may also put up a strip of tiles or create some sort of pattern with its design instead of covering the entire wall.

3. Upgrade your fixtures. If you have broken faucets, shower knobs or shower heads, replace them. If, on the other hand, your sink is just stained or your tub has hairline cracks on it, there’s really no need to splurge on new ones. Just buy a tub repair kit and patch those cracks. Clean your sink using specially designed cleaners available in plumbing supply stores and it will look flawless again.

4. Re-grout and re-caulk. If you’re not changing tiles because they still look okay, then at least re-apply caulk and grout on them. This way, the tiles will look sparkling clean.

5. Accentuate with a theme. If you’re adding decorations or accents in specific parts of your bathroom, make sure that they are coordinated.

6. When buying decorations for your bathroom such as paintings, vases and what-nots, buy old. There are a lot of stores out there that offer pre-loved stuff. These things cost less than buying new decors from the mall. There also sites like Ebay where people sell stuff that are used but still in good condition.

7. Make your own accessories. If you’re into crafts, make your own towel holders and toilet paper holders. You’ll not only enjoy making art but you’ll also save some cash.

8. If you‘ve been using the same shower curtain for some time, change it. It’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

9. Add more lighting to your room. A well-lit bathroom delivers a wonderful ambiance. Now you don’t have to buy expensive lights. You can also make your own by researching about DIY lighting on the internet.

Try these affordable yet creative master bath ideas to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Should you need assistance with your plumbing, just call themost reputed Medley FL plumbing service providers. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers first-rate plumbing services in Medley FL including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, outdoor shower remodeling, bathroom fixture remodeling and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731!

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