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The Florida Plumber’s Handbook on Shower Tub Faucet Repair


Among the most wonderful natural highs that you’ll get at home is that amazing feeling when you’re having a warm, relaxing bath after a hard day’s work. Yes. It’s everyone’s favorite! But what happens when your me-time turns into an irritating plumbing emergency time? Finding out the your faucet is leaking; slow-dripping; giving out rusty, smelly water or splashing like a fountain in the park is not pleasing at all! Fortunately, a broken tub spout isn’t really that big of a deal. It can easily be fixed even if you’re just a novice DIY plumber. To help you get through such types of bathroom issues, read on and learn how to remove, replace and repair busted shower tub faucets!

What You’ll Need

  • Pipe Wrench
  • Allen Wrench
  • Utility Knife
  • Plumber’s Putty
  • Screwdriver
  • Cloth


1. Turn off the water supply to prevent flooding. Remove the excess water from the pipes by opening the valves. Loosen the faucet handle by inserting the knife’s blade in the space between and prying it off. Remove the screw using your screwdriver. Wiggle the faucet handle and try to detach it. If it won’t go, use a hairdryer to turn it loose. Refrain from pulling it too hard as it may break the unit.

2. Move the handle screw back into the faucet stem only halfway. Press the arms at the back of the handle and place the puller adjacent to the screwhead. Rotate the post in a clockwise manner right until the handle is detached. Get rid of the handle and screw as well as the plate.

3. Insert the socket into the bonnet and rotate it in a counterclockwise manner. This should loosen the faucet stem. If it’s stuck, you can use a plumbing lubricant that’s available in the market. Remove the screw and you should be able to detach the stem as well.

4. Position the seat wrench in the faucet seat’s center. Move it counterclockwise to take it out. Use a lubricant if it’s also stuck. Cover the threads of your new tub faucet seat using plumber’s putty. Screw it securely into the faucet body with the help of the seat wrench.

5. Now let’s work on the new tub faucet! Remove the screw of the packing nut and detach it from the bonnet by twisting it counterclockwise. Remove the old washer using a screwdriver. Grease the new threads, washer and packing nut one at a time, carefully putting them into place in the same order.

6. Get rid of the used seat washer and its screw. Grease the brand new parts and reinstall them.

7. Remove the used bonnet washer. Once again, apply grease to its new counterpart and position it into place.

8. To secure the new fixture, coat the bonnet threads with a pipe compound and position it in the faucet’s body.

9. Grease the splines of the new faucet handle and attach it to the system. You can leave the new unit for a few hours just to make sure that the putty and compound dry fast. Once ready, turn on the water supply and test if it’s working.

We hope that you learned all about easy DIY shower tub faucet repair from our blog today! Should you need professional plumbing assistance at home, just call a local Sweetwater plumber in Dade County FL! Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers top-of-the-line plumbing services in Sweetwater FL including bathroom fixture repair, bathroom remodeling, plumbing repair and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731!

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