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A Guide to Hiring Plumbing Specialists

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Even if your house is new and still at its finest shape, you’ll sooner or later find yourself face-to-face with plumbing emergencies! It could be a burst pipe; a leaking faucet; a clogged toilet; a broken water heater; a blocked drain; a stuck garbage disposer and many other annoying nuisances. If you’re not the type who’s into DIY plumbing and repairs, you’ll definitely need help from trusted plumbing specialists. The only questions are, how do you find one and what are the things that you should do to ensure that you’re hiring the right person or team? Read on and get these valuable tips when you already have a list of potential candidates!

1. Verify their state licensing. A plumbing license does not guarantee that a plumber is the best in the field. It simply ensures that the man has undergone the necessary trainings and passed the required examinations needed to practice plumbing professionally. There are websites online that verify contractor and plumbing licenses.

2. Identify your plumbing needs so that you’ll give clear-cut information as to what services will you require from the plumber. For instance, having multiple projects at hand is a bit overwhelming. Make sure that you remember all that you need before making calls and asking for quotations. If your faucet needs replacement; your toilet is clogged and your water heater is broken, ascertain that the plumber will know all about these requirements.

3. Visit the company’s website if they have one. This way, you can take a look at how they do business and what specific services do they provide. You can also browse their Facebook fan pages or other social media accounts because these places are usually where customers mostly interact and provide feedback. Do not forget to check on other online resources such as Angie’s List and Yelp for client reviews.

4. You have to prepare your set of questions or concerns. This way, you’ll surely address each and every one of them once you’re already speaking with the plumbing expert. The list should include the plumber’s hourly or project rate; fees for non-plumbing activities like opening a wall or a flooring and if they have insurance.

5. Remember that there are different building codes across states. If your plumbing project requires one, verify that the plumber will get one from you. Otherwise, you’ll have to get one yourself.

6. Once you’ve hired the right person, prepare the work area before they arrive. This way, they won’t waste time moving furniture or appliances around; opening walls up or lighting darks areas in your home just so they can begin working. Remember, time is gold.

7. Last but not the least, be around on your scheduled appointment. This way, you’ll be there to monitor the progress of the project. Just ensure though that you won’t be bothering your plumber while they’re working. Just stay somewhere near where they can easily call you in case they need something.

We hope that you learned a lot when it comes to hiring plumbing specialists in your area! Remember, doing plumbing repairs in your own may save you money but when the project turns out bad, you’ll be in for more trouble. So hire the most reliable Aventura plumbing expert in Dade County FL! Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional plumbing services in Aventura FL including remodeling, repiping, gas system installation, water heater service and many more! Reach us at (305) 240-6731 and we’ll send out our team immediately!

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