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The Douglas Orr Plumbing’s Sewer Snake Handbook


Your home plumbing is composed of two sub-systems: the clean waterline and the sewage line. The former is responsible for supplying potable drinking water while the latter is tasked to get rid of wastewater out of the house. So picture this, if something goes wrong with your sewer system, you’re going to be in for a lot of trouble! And we’re pretty sure that among the most common sewer troubles you encounter are blockages.

How Does The Sewer Get Bad?

There are several causes of sewer clogs and breakage. First of all, how you use your drains at home contribute to its condition. Flushing foreign objects down your toilet is a very bad habit. These things include paper products, diapers, sanitary napkins, toys and even soap. Your drains in the kitchen also play a role in clogging your sewers. Whatever goes down the drain, goes to your sewage lines so never pour grease and throw in objects that won’t decompose easily or break down into smaller pieces. Another important thing to remember is that tree roots may intrude your sewer pipes thereby creating cracks or holes that when worsened, lead to severe problems. Thanks to technology, there are ways to repair pipes and get rid of clogs. For broken pipes, they can be repaired by relining or repiping. In the case of clogs, plumbers make use of sewer snakes.

What Is A Sewer Snake?

A sewer snake is a plumbing tool that’s great for clearing the main drainage line. Professionals use the heavy-duty type drum augers which are motor-powered. They feature interchangeable and detachable blades to cater to different pipe sizes. This equipment is so highly effective in cutting through tree roots or objects that clog the sewer. Because of this tool, plumbers can easily clear out the pipes without spending so many hours on the task or exerting so much effort.

Can You Get A Sewer Snake For Your Home?

You can certainly buy or rent a sewer snake for your home use. However, make sure that you actually know how to use it and you’re skilled enough to tinker with your sewer lines. Should you need more info about snake types, models, brands, and what-nots, simply browse reputed sellers online or ask around for referrals. Better yet, just call the professionals!

We hope that our blog for today answered some of your questions about the sewer snake. Should you need professional plumbing assistance at home, just hire the most reputed Pinecrest plumbing professionals in Dade County FL! Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers excellent Pinecrest plumbing services including sewer cleaning, leak detection, backflow prevention and many more! Reach us at (305) 240-6731!

Taking care of your drains is taking care of your sewer line! Watch this video to learn how to clean your sin drain!

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