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Faucet Repair Tips for the Diy Plumber

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Having a leaking or broken faucet is not surprising at all. Just like other plumbing fixtures and appliances, faucets or their very parts also malfunction over time. Constant use may cause one or multiple parts of the fixture to get damaged or deteriorate and once they do, leaks occur. Now there’s no need to panic because these things are pretty easy to fix. With simple parts replacement and the right plumbing tools, you should be able to repair your tap immediately.

Repair Tips For Different Faucets

  • When you have a cartridge faucet that drips, replace the cartridge or the O-ring that holds the cartridge stem. Just ensure that the parts you’ll get match the original ones. You can bring the old, worn-out part to the plumbing supply store or home improvement center to ensure that you’ll get the right replacement.
  • When handling compression-type faucets that leak from the handle, you just have to replace or tighten their packing nut which could be the O-ring, washer or the twine located around the compression team. If the leak comes from the very tap, you can try replacing the worn-out stem with something that’s of the same size. Take time to grease the faucet stem threads.
  • Ball-type faucets, on the other hand, start to leak when their inlet seals or O-rings break or wear out. There are instances when the drip comes from the handle. If that’s the case, just tighten the faucet’s adjusting ring or replace the cap. If these fail to stop the dripping, try replacing the inlet seals or the ball.
  • When repairing disc faucets, always remember that the inlet and outlet seals also wear out because these are where sediments usually build up. The disc assemblies, on the other hand, rarely wear out. Fix the problem by replacing worn out seals and realigning them with the faucet holes.
  • Never torque faucets down just to stop the leak. Doing so will just worsen the problem.
  • Instead of replacing parts of an old faucet that leaks every now and then, just replace the entire assembly. This will save you more time, energy and money.

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