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On Backflow Devices Installation, Testing and Certification in Broward


Your plumbing system is one complicated group of clean water lines and sewage lines. There are joints or cross-connections where these lines meet and for this very reason, backflow preventers are vital installations. These cross-connections are prone to contamination because the soiled water may get into the clean water lines, thus polluting your water supply. Backflows occur when there are main water line breaks; when fire hydrants are used and when there is inadequate plumbing. Fortunately, there are backflow prevention devices that you can install to avoid such problems.

What Are Backflow Prevention Devices?

Backflow preventers are specially designed devices that are installed to prevent water contamination not only in residential properties but also in specific businesses. In Florida, for instance, businesses that are mandated by the law to have backflow prevention devices include car washes, beauty salons and barber shops, automobile repair shops, drycleaners, restaurants and medical establishments among many others. Structures that have more than three stories are also required the same.

Who Can Install Backflow Preventers For Your Property?

Unfortunately, not everyone can install backflow devices. Because of the risk of water contamination and health hazards, backflow prevention assemblies can only be installed by licensed plumbing professionals who also acquired due certification.

How Do Plumbers And Technicians Acquire Backflow Certification?

Aside from taking the appropriate course or training for this kind of plumbing service, a plumber or contractor is also required to pass an examination. In most cases, the examination is taken every two years, depending on the state rules and regulations. In order for a plumbing company or plumber to install, inspect, test and certify backflow prevention devices, an application for certification must be submitted to the Broward County’s Water and Wastewater Services and the processing fee entailed must be paid. Once the plumber passes the examination, he can provide inspection, testing and installation services only until before the certificate expires.

We hope that we have explained why the acquisition of backflow certification in broward is important. If you need a backflow prevention assembly installed for your home or business, just call your reliable Fort Lauderdale plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers top-notch plumbing services in Fort Lauderdale FL including backflow prevention, sewer camera locator, leak detection, sewer cleaning, sewer jetter cleaning and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731 to schedule a service!

Learn all about backflow prevention and cross connection control. Watch this video we found on YouTube!

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