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Keep Your Home in Miami Catastrophe-Free During Vacation

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Planning a summer vacation or a weekend getaway isn’t always easy. It is never easy. A long list of tasks to do prior the getaway or vacation is there to ready your home for your absence. Gone are the days when only the thermostat and mail are your only concerns. Your plumbing system has to be prepared as well before you leave.

While you are away for the summer break, one of your pipes may spring a leak. If this happens, the easiest way to fix this is to shut off the main water supply. But what if you are not around to shut it off? Imagine the catastrophic mess it will create while you are away and the horror you will face when you get back!

For well-maintained homes, catastrophes like this rarely happens. Still, it is always best to plan ahead before traveling. It will only take a few minutes to shut the main water supply off before you leave. This gives you an assurance that no flooding is going to happen while you are away.

The main shut off valve is normally located beside the water meter. Oftentimes this can be turned by hand but others require a wrench for it to be turned on and off. If you couldn’t seem to find this valve, it is alright to call a local plumber ASAP for help. You will never know how much dollars you’ll save just knowing where the main shut off valve is!

Here’s one thing to consider: In garden irrigation and lawn systems, it is smart to use another shut-off valves to reduce flooding risk to keep your water flowing to your garden and lawn. If you’re not sure where the valves are, a licensed plumber will show you these.

All The Money You Save While You’re Away

Summer vacations require you to be away from home. This simply means that you’ll be reaping huge savings from leaving your home unoccupied. Leaving your home for several days or weeks make a significant difference in your utility bills.

Here’s the best part. You can extend these savings while you’re away. If you own an automatic ice maker, you can shut it off before leaving to help you save extra water and energy. On the other hand, if you own a water softening system and had it shut down before leaving conserves water softening salt and energy.

Want to save some more? Read on. You will save so much more with your hot water heater. Did you know that this plumbing appliance consumes more energy versus most of the plumbing appliances in your home? If no one is home to take showers, no need to turn it on and keep it running. Moreover, if your shut off valve is off, there’s no way your main water supply will run though. To add more precaution, it is also best to turn it off to ensure that the heating element will not burn out by continually heating an empty tank.

If you need help in how to have a catastrophe-safe home before going on a trip, contact a local Miami Dade County plumber immediately. Douglas Orr Plumber has experienced and licensed service contractors to help you with anything related to plumbing. Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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