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Why Are CPVC And Copper The Best Materials According to Plumbers?

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In the olden days until about the 70s, water pipes for businesses and even in homes were made with lead, galvanized steel, clay, or cast iron. This was the common practice until such time when people noticed the effect it had on them: toxicity in water because of corrosion and higher costs. These points led them to replacing these pipes with ones made from PVC or copper. The newer pipes are beneficial to the environment, lower costs, last longer, and make drinking water safe.

When you call local Miami plumbing contractors to handle extensive repiping services, you will eventually notice that they use pipes of various materials, but their most favorite ones are CPVC or copper. CPVC simply means chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.

So Why Are CPVC And Copper The Best Materials According To Local Plumbers?

Both are mostly non-toxic materials. Lead pipes were soon phased out in most places and has to be replaced in some because of high-toxicity levels. It is also known that copper is non-permeable therefore it won’t absorb contaminants normally present in the dirty drinking water.

CPVC and copper are both corrosion resistant. Let’s make this clear: they are not corrosion proof but unlike other materials, the more common forms of corrosion are not seen in both. These modern piping materials have longer service life compared to the others.

Plumbing experts are not having a hard time working with both materials. It cuts down on labor expenses and time because for one they are lightweight and two, they’re more malleable. The most common rigid copper, the kind mostly used for fresh water pipes is easier to form into hard positions compared to other types of metals. It is also worth noting that by using both materials, it is now possible to eliminate joints and elbows, further reducing additional costs on installations.

In general, both CPVC and copper are less expensive materials.

Both are from recyclable materials, lowering the impact it makes on the environment. Almost all coppers are locally produced because it is abundant within the US.

With regards to temperatures, copper pipes are better at high heat and temperature swings giving it more life contributing to its longer lifespan.

If your home was built before the 70s, it could be using old types of pipes putting you into high risks of drinking unsafe water. It is strongly recommended that you contact Douglas Orr plumbing right away for partial or total repiping of your home. This is of utmost importance if your home or facility was built prior the 70s, this is to further avoid lead poisoning. Douglas Orr Plumber has experienced and licensed service contractors to help you with anything related to plumbing. Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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