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The Homeowner’s Guide on Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures


Once in a while, it’s good to go back to plumbing basics. With that being said, let us give you a quick list of essential plumbing fixtures you should have in your bathroom. If you’re planning for a remodel soon, use this guide!


Who doesn’t want a bathtub in their bathroom? Unless your bathroom is relatively small, a tub is certainly a great idea. Think about relaxing in a warm bath with good music playing in the background, after a hard day’s work. Anyway, a bathtub is a large fixture that holds water in order to allow people to bathe in it. It is available in acrylic, fiberglass, steel, cast iron or enamel material. If you have a medium-sized bathroom, you can install it on its own or it may also be connected to a shower. The tub may also be free-standing or it can be sunken onto the floor.


If you have a small bathroom that cannot fit a tub, a shower is the best alternative. It is a fixture that allows people to bathe under a flow of hot or cold water. Shower systems typically feature spray pressure, nozzle and temperature settings to make the bathing experience more comfortable. As compared to bathtubs, showers consume less water thus make them more cost efficient.


The sink is also important in making the bathroom a comfy place to do our everyday body routines. It is a fixture that features a bowl-like shape and is used for brushing our teeth or washing our face. Sinks have faucets that provide hot and cold water. There are also sprayers that you can install in conjunction with a faucet assembly. To prevent hair, soap scum and other objects from falling into the drain, sinks have stoppers that you can use to block the drain hole.


And who can ever forget about the toilet? There’s no arguing that it is a must-have in bathrooms. The toilet is a fixture that’s also referred to as the “water closet”. It is hooked to a large drain pipe that’s responsible for transporting the human waste from the toilet to the public sewer system or septic tank. To add convenience, modern toilets have tanks where water is stored for flushing.


The bidet is an indispensable toilet add-on. It is used to wash our private parts after using the toilet.


Urinals are plumbing fixtures that are designed for one purpose only — for urination. They are available for single or multiple users and are typically installed in public comfort rooms.


Now you just can’t install all these fixtures above without drains. Drains are responsible for carrying the waste substances or soiled water from your plumbing fixtures to the septic tank or the public sewer.

We hope that you loved our short guide on bathroom plumbing fixtures. If you need supplies, don’t forget to only buy from a reputable bathroom fixtures outlet. And for installation and repair services, just call a licensed Coral Gables FL plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides reliable plumbing services in Coral Gables FL including bathroom remodeling services in Coral Gables FL, Coral Gables FL outdoor shower remodeling services, plumbing fixture installation in Coral Gables FL, Coral Gables FL leak detection services and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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