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What Happens During a Sewer Cleaning Service


Sewer clogs are inevitable. If sticky waste substances or if tree roots are not removed from the sewer pipes, time will come when you’ll discover the system all clogged up. The problem is, sewer pipes are not as easy to clean as your indoor drain pipes. While you can remedy your indoor drains with baking soda and water or with the use of a handy dandy plumbing snake or plunger, sewer lines should only be taken care of by plumbing professionals.


A sewer cleaning service involves the use of professional-grade plumbing snake and/or a hydro-jetter. The hydro-jetter is a machine that is used to blast water through the pipe with such strong pressure. The hot water is concentrated which makes the machine very powerful in washing away debris and grease that may have accumulated inside the pipe. The bottom line is, the hydro-jetter works best for cleaning minor blockages.

Now if the obstruction is stubborn, the plumbers will snake the sewer instead. The plumbing snake is a high-technology version of the one you use at home. It is equipped with a motor that makes it easier for plumbers to maneuver the cable into the system. The snake can either break through the clog or hook it out. What’s great about plumbing snakes is that they work efficiently without hurting or damaging the affected pipe.


You might have expected that chemical drain cleaners are used in sewer pipes. Actually, they’re not. These things contain harsh chemicals that are not only toxic but are also toxic. They can surely get rid of blockages fast but they will also damage the pipes over time. They may even harm the environment, too.


You’ll know that you need your sewer lines cleaned when you notice these signs:

1. Recurring Clogs

If you ever find yourself cleaning your indoor drains more frequently, there’s a big chance that the clog wasn’t completely removed in the first place. If your shower and bathtub drains always get blocked up too, it’s time to call a licensed plumber.

2. Foul Odor

Foul sewer odor that emanates from your drain indicates a drainage problem. Most cases involve a buildup inside the system or a broken sewer pipe. To find out the root cause of the issue, have a plumber inspect your sewer pipes for you.

3. Multiple Clogged Drains

If two or more drains in your home get blocked at the same time, the problem may not be as simple as it is. Any of your drains could be affected: the tub, the toilet, the sink or the floor drain.

4. Slow Drains

Slow drains are also indicators of a sewer problem. If you ever notice that water takes a long time to disappear from the sink, it’s possible that there’s a buildup in the pipelines already.

5. Backups

Sewage coming out of your drains calls for immediate action. Wastewater is supposed to flow straight to the public sewer or stay in your septic tank. Backups will not only give you a great deal of inconvenience. They may also put your health at risk due to water contamination.

We hope that you learned valuable information about sewer cleaning services. If your sewer lines are clogged, just call the best Lauderdale Lakes plumbing company. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides the most reliable plumbing services in Lauderdale Lakes FLincluding sewer line cleaning, drain pipe unclogging, leak detection, backflow prevention, toilet repair and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731 to schedule a service!

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