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Drain Cleaning Machines Used by Plumbing Professionals


Your drainage system is vital to your house. Without it, how will you get rid of the wastewater that’s produced whenever you use your plumbing fixtures? Anyway, did you know that your drainage system is composed of two different types of pipeline? These are the main drain pipe and the branch lines. The branch lines are the ones connected to your indoor drains: sink drain, floor drain, shower drain, toilet, etc. The main drain pipe, meanwhile, is the one that transports all the wastewater from these smaller, branch lines to the public sewer or your very own septic tank. If any of these pipes get clogged or damaged, sewage issues will arise. Fortunately, our licensed and trusted plumbers make use of drain cleaning machines that get the job done with ease!

What Are Drain Cleaning Machines?

Drain cleaning machines are utilized to clean the drain lines or clear blockages in the system. They’re more like professional, high-technology versions of your plumbing snake. They’re usually motorized thus making it easier for the plumbers to push and pull the cable out of the drain lines. They have longer cables and larger blades which provide them more power to break the clogs into smaller pieces. As compared to the handy and portable plumbing snake you use at home, professional-grade drain cleaning machines are of course, larger and heavier. And because these machines are more powerful, they are capable of destroying or breaking through tree roots, solidified waste materials and food scraps inside the lines.

Can You Clean Your Drain Lines On Your Own?

While you can clear your indoor drains with your home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar, we do not recommend cleaning the main drain on your own. We know that you can buy or borrow these machines from rental shops but even if the equipment is accessible, we advise that you seek the services of plumbing experts for this job. As you may know, your sewer lines or drain line is also a place where harmful and flammable gases hang about. You surely do not want to put your property or the lives of your loved ones at risk just because you want to DIY. Also, remember that the drain lines are among the places where harmful bacteria grow. So instead of exposing yourself to these bacteria and risk your own health, just hire a licensed, skilled, and equipped plumber.

When Should You Call Your Plumber?

Most homeowners call a plumber to have their drains cleaned when there are already imminent problems. This is really a bad habit to keep. Instead of waiting for plumbing issues to arise, have your drains cleaned regularly. To find out when and how often this plumbing service should be scheduled, consult your trusted plumbing company.

Learn how to properly clean a stinky bathroom sink drain! Watch this video now.

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