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Easy-To-Do Shower Leak Repair for Homeowner


A leaking shower isn’t a big deal for some. But seriously, you need to think about how much the constant dripping will contribute on your monthly water bill. You surely do not want to see that your usual expense has already skyrocketed to an unacceptable value. And that is why this plumbing problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can do the repair on your own. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you!

1. Detach your showerhead manually or with the use of a wrench.

2. Examine the shower head. There’s supposed to be a rubber gasket there. Take it out and observe if it will leave a black substance on your fingers. If it does, it should already be replaced.

3. Get a new rubber gasket that’s exactly the same type as the one that needs to be replaced. Insert the ring into its rightful place with a little push. It should be positioned flat into the head’s assembly.

4. Now once you’re done, work on the pipe thread. Remember, you won’t wrap Teflon tape around the shower head. You’ll wrap the thread of the pipe where the shower head is supposed to be connected to. Also, note that the direction of the tape should be consistent. Once done, tear the tape to detach it from its spool.

5. Now get the shower head and connect it to the pipe until it’s tight. Turn on the shower knob and test to see if the leak persists. If it has stopped, then you fixed the problem.

6. Otherwise, perform some troubleshooting. First of all, unscrew and re-screw the shower head. Test again. If it’s still leaking, it may only be loose. Get a wrench and use it to tighten the head to the pipe. Test it again. If it’s still dripping, you may have to repeat the entire process and replace the Teflon tape that you wrapped on the pipe thread earlier.

We hope that you learned how easy it is to do a shower leak repair at home. Should you need professional plumbing assistance, just look for the best Homestead FL plumbing company. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers top-notch plumbing services in Homestead FL including bathroom fixture remodeling, outdoor shower remodeling, remodeling, water heater service and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731!

Learn how to repair leaking pipes at home. Watch our video and let our expert Miami plumbers teach you!

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