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How to Get Rid of the Cracks on Your Toilet Tank

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We know at Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc., that fixing a crack on your toilet tank should be easy. However, you should take note that if the crack is too deep or too long and if it has already created an unstoppable leak on your tank, repair may no longer be the option. In such a case, replacement may already be the answer. Then again, toilet installation cost isn’t always within one’s means especially when you’re eyeing for a high-end porcelain throne. So just to help you get through this DIY plumbing project, let us share with you some tips and a detailed guide on toilet tank crack repair.


Take a look at the crack. Is it inside or outside of the tank? If it’s inside and the length is more than 1/16 inch, replacement is the better way to deal with the problem. However, if the crack or cracks are outside and they are as small and as thin as a hairline, you can still repair them using the patch method.


  • Plumbing epoxy
  • Caulking gun
  • Scissors
  • Putty knife
  • Sponge
  • Towel
  • Adjustable wrench


1. Turn off the water supply valve found under or beside the toilet. Flush it to get rid of the water in the tank. Disconnect the water supply line from the tank using your adjustable crescent wrench.

2. Lift the lid carefully and turn it upside down on a towel to get rid of the water that’s left in it. Once you’ve removed the water, turn it right side up and use your towel and sponge to dry out its every part. You have to ensure that it’s totally dry so that the patch will adhere to its surface effectively.

3. Double check the crack. If it’s still not showing inside the tank, then you should proceed with the patching.

4. Get a pair of scissors and slowly cut the tip of the epoxy container. Only cut about 1/3 of an inch so that you can control the amount of epoxy that will come out of the container.

5. Prepare your caulking gun. Once it is ready, start applying epoxy on the affected area. Begin applying an inch before the crack starts and go up to an inch after it ends.

6. Using your putty knife, spread the epoxy in the surrounding area. Do it lightly so that you won’t add more pressure to the tank and then later on worsen the crack. Once you’re done, wait for 24 hours to let the epoxy dry.

7. Set up your toilet tank once again. Place it on the toilet as usual and attach the water supply line using your adjustable wrench. Turn on the water supply valve, wait for the tank to fill up and flush it!

Are there any leaks? No? Then congratulations! You just fixed the crack on your toilet tank!

We hope that these steps are quite easy to follow. Should you need professional assistance, just hire the most reputed Miami plumbing company in South FL! Douglas Orr Plumbing provides excellent and affordable bathroom remodeling and toilet repair in Miami! Call us at (305) 240-6731 or use our online form and we’ll send out only the best crew to help you!

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