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Quick & Easy Ways to Fix a Slow Draining Sink

Water going down a drain

We know at Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. sooner or later, you’ll find that your kitchen or bathroom sink is draining slowly. Don’t panic. It may not be clogged yet. There are several things that affect the smooth flow of water in your drains. Aside from the presence of clogs or the accumulation of particles in the walls of the pipes, slow drains may also be due to the low water pressure in the system. However, regardless of the reason, you shouldn’t worry at all because it’s really easy to put the drains back in good condition. Here are some quick DIY fixes you should try!

Tips to Make Your Sink Drain Faster

  1. Clean The Overflow: Your sink’s drain overflow is installed to let air circulate in the system when your wash basin holds water. Because of the overflow, the water in your sink is drains faster so with that said, when the overflow is not in good condition, the water will not flow as smoothly as it should do. Just get rid of the debris or particles that have accumulated in the overflow and watch as water flows smoothly once again.
  2. Use Hot Water: Who doesn’t love hot water? Pouring it in the drain is truly effortless. Just boil some water and let it run down your pipes. Doing so will clear some (if not all) of the waste materials that are stuck in the walls of your drainpipes. These substances hinder the easy passage of water so without them, the flow in your drain should be fine.
  3. Use Baking Soda & Vinegar: Home remedies are among the most favorite methods that homeowners love. Aside from the fact that they are non-toxic and won’t damage your pipes, the ingredients that are used to clear drains are also easy to procure. The most popular ones are baking soda and vinegar. Simply pour a cup of your baking soda into the drain. Let it settle for a while then pour a cup of vinegar. Let the two ingredients create a chemical reaction to remove the particles that are stuck in your pipes. After 30 minutes, pour hot water to rinse them off.
  4. Get Rid Of The Pop-Up: If you’re experiencing issues with your lavatory sink, simply get rid of the pop-up first. It can catch debris, scum, and minerals whenever soiled water passes through the system so when it’s not regularly cleaned, substances may actually build up, causing slow drains. Just reach behind the pipe and you’ll find the pop-up nut. Remove it using your handy dandy plumbing tools, clean it and re-install.
  5. Plunge It: Who can ever forget about our good old, plunger? It has been our reliable plumbing partner for so many years and it’s really easy to use. Simply fill the sink with water up to a level where the rubber part of the plunger is soaked. Position the plunger right on top of the drain hole and plunge away! Keep on making push-and-pull motions for about 15 times and that should send the clogs or substances flowing through the pipes.

We hope that you learned how to fix a slow draining sink through our blog post. If DIY solutions fail, just find the best Bal Harbour plumber in Miami Dade County FL! Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers excellent yet affordable plumbing services in Bal Harbour FLincluding repiping, leak detection, backflow prevention, kitchen remodeling and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731!

Cleaning your sink drain will keep it in great shape! Watch this video to learn how to do it properly!

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