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Helpful Tips When Using a Sink Plunger

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A home should not be without a handy plunger. It’s actually among the list of essential plumbing tools that homeowners should have. Imagine if your sink gets clogged just as you are washing your dishes; as you are preparing dinner for your guests or just as you are getting ready for work. It will be really annoying to have to deal with the blockage during such circumstances. So anyway, to help you use your sink plunger effectively and get rid of clogs, read on and check out these awesome tips!

1. What sink are you working on? Is it the kitchen sink or the lavatory sink? If you are removing the clog from a lavatory sink, you’ll have to put a strip of duct tape on its sink overflow hole. Also put some tape on the bath tub overflow (if it is in the same room as the sink).

2. If you are working on a sink in the kitchen, it will be wise to remove the basket strainer first. If you have double or triple-bowl washbasins, you also have to put duct tape on the other drains.

3. When you’re dealing with a bathroom sink and you have just poured hot water down its drain, you’ll have to offset the temp to prevent issues with regard to covering the overflow. The hot temperature results to condensation around the sink overflow, thus hindering the duct tape from sticking to the surface. Just simply pour cold water down the drain to avoid this problem.

4. When removing the stopper from your lavatory sink, just lift it up. It that doesn’t work, turn it around and lift it again.

5. Before plunging the sink, make sure that it is half-filled with water. It is important to remember that the rubber part of the plunger should be soaked in water in order to get good results.

6. Position the plunger’s cup over the sink hole. Guarantee that it’s sticking to the sink surface to create a tight seal.

7. Don’t plunge too hard or too fast. Just use moderately quick yet sharp up and down movements. Keep a consistent pace to make sure that the obstruction will be removed.

8. When you have successfully gotten rid of the blockage, you can now remove the duct tapes that you have placed on the overflows. Also put the stopper and the basket strainer back into their proper places. When this DIY solution fails, you might need to hook the clog out using an auger.

We hope that you learned a lot of useful tips when using a sink plunger. In case you need professional plumbing assistance at home, just hire the most dependable North Miami Beach plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional yet affordable plumbing services in Miami Beach FL including septic tank and grease trap installation, sewer cleaning, backflow prevention, gas system installation and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731

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