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Learn How to Replace a Shower Head from the Best Plumbing Company in Florida!

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Have you been having problems with your shower head lately? Is it leaking or corroded? Is it no longer pleasing to the eyes? Or do you need to install a new one that’s capable of providing you higher levels of convenience? Well, regardless of the reason why you need to have your shower head replaced, we’re here to help you out! Replacing bathroom fixtures is actually an easy task as long as you’ve got the right tools, the skills, and the patience to perform DIY plumbing! After all, even professionals started out tinkering in their homes before they became experts, right? So if you really want to replace that shower head now, just follow these steps we’ve compiled for you!

Tools That You’ll Need

  • New shower head
  • Wrench
  • Soft Cloth
  • Wire Brush
  • Teflon Tape

Steps To Follow

1. Identify the type of shower that you have. There are several kinds and each requires a different way of installation. Now if you have a wall-mounted shower, go on and read the following steps.

2. Turn off the water. You can simply ensure that the shower knobs are off or if you really want to be certain that water won’t flow like a fountain in your bathroom, you can go ahead and shut off the supply valve.

3. Wrap a soft cloth around the neck of your shower. Then using a handy wrench, remove the old shower head by turning its neck to the left or counter-clockwise.

4. Now that the shower head is disconnected, you should be able to see the threaded pipe clearly. If there are sediments in the area where the shower connects with the arm, you should clean it. Use a wire brush and dry the threads once done.

5. Get your Teflon tape and wrap the threads in a clockwise manner. Make sure that you’ll cover the entire area and wrap around it twice. This will help seal the connection and prevent leaks in the future. If you fall short on tape, you’ll have to use a longer one and start over.

6. Get the new shower head and attach it to the arm. Turn it clockwise twice and then wrap a soft cloth around it. Use your wrench once again and tighten it in place.

7. Turn on the water supply or the shower knob and test the newly installed shower head! If there’s some sort of leak, you’ll have to re-tape the threads again. If you can’t seem to find the cause of the problem, you’ll probably need a professional!

We hope that you learned a lot from today’s blog post on how to replace a shower head! Should you need licensed plumbers in Miami, FL to assist you, just give us a call at Douglas Orr Plumbing! We provide the best plumbing services including bathroom fixtures remodeling, plumbing repairs, outdoor showers and kitchens remodeling and many more! Reach us at(305) 240-6731!

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