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Septic System Smell in House: Causes and Prevention

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The presence of septic tank odor in one’s home is a common plumbing issue. This problem arises when the gases that are supposed to escape from the septic system flow back out of your drains. While you can continue using your plumbing system, you’ll discover that the quality of your life is negatively affected because of this problem. Who can ever stand the nasty smell that circulates in the house? Who can even eat meals inside with a problem like this? We’re pretty sure no one can. And that is why this issue should be deal with right away.

You should know that there are many causes of sewer gas odors in one’s home. Check them out:

1. Cold Weather Or Downdrafts

Cold weather, also known to us as downdrafts, usually creates clogs in a home’s venting system. When the temperature drops down, frost and ice may develop in your vents and eventually block the system. When that happens, sewer gases won’t be able to escape the house. Instead, they’ll get redirected and back out of your drains and toilets.

2. High Rainfall

When the weather is a bit cruel and there’s high rainfall in your area, surface runoffs may happen. It means that groundwater may make the septic tank overflow, thus result to the escape of gases out of your drains. The problem is solved by creating another drain that will intercept the flow of groundwater to the septic tank. This will get rid of the excess water and prevent the escape of sewer gas.

3. Frozen Septic Systems

There are times when the drain field freezes and these result in sewage water backups. Usually, the escape of sewer gases out of the drains signals a possible backflow next. There are also times when the inlet, outlet, or baffles of the septic tank get clogged up, too. These also result in the presence of septic odor in the house.

4. Blocked Septic Tank Vent

If you’re not aware of it yet, your septic tank has a tank vent. It is designed to allow gases to get out and avoid flammable and toxic buildups inside the vent. However, there are instances when the tank vent gets blocked up by animals, frost, or solidified waste materials. When clogs happen, expect sewer gases to escape out of your indoor drains, too. Vent stacks are also present in your septic system. These are the pipes that transport the sewer gases out of the house. But when these pipes get clogged up by leaves, problems arise. Have these vents inspected and cleaned to avoid inconvenience.

5. Overflowing Septic Tank

Your septic tank can only hold so much wastewater. It has a limited capacity which is why proper care and maintenance such as tank pump-outs should be provided. When the tank overflows, anticipate the presence of septic odors in your home, too. To prevent this problem, you should have the tank pumped out regularly. Water conservation is also a must. Last but not the least, do not flush down or throw anything in your drains that shouldn’t be disposed of through there in the first place.

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