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Sump Pump Problems You Should Watch out For


Sump pumps are a must-have for homeowners in areas where flooding is a common occurrence. If your sump pump is running constantly this could be the float switch stuck in the "on" position in your sump pit & it will run even when water has been removed, which will most likely burn out your sump pump. These appliances should be reliable when it comes to protecting not only the basement but also the belongings that are stored in there during the wet season. However, just like other appliances, sump pumps are also vulnerable to different issues that will require immediate repair. Here’s a list of the most common problems that you should watch out for.

1. Sump Pump Running Constantly -

If you ever discover that your pump won’t stop running, here’s a reference that will help you figure out what’s wrong.

a. Float Switch is Jammed -

Like we mentioned above, if your pump is continuously running, it's most likely because the float switch is stuck in the "on" position in your sump pit and it continues to run even after the water has been removed. Not addressing this problem quickly can result in your sump pump failing prematurely.

b. Faulty Check Valve -

Within the discharge line, you'll find the "check valve", this part of the sump pump makes sure that no water is flowing back up into the sump pit. If this valve is clogged, the water will rush back into the sump pit.

c. Leaking Discharge Line -

Your discharge line is responsible for making sure it carries water outside and away from your house hold. Over time and normal wear and tear, this PVC piping can spring a leak along the line. If it isn't taken care of immediately, these leaks can get bigger and become so big that it is unable to take the water outside. Which means it's dripping back into the sump pit and your sump pump will run non-stop.

2. The Motor Hums But Only A Little Water Is Being Ejected From The Pit -

In a case like this, here’s a list of possible causes:

a. Motor isn’t running at all and is only running.

b. The pump is air-locked.

c. The check valve is improperly installed or stuck closed.

d. The impeller of the appliance is already damaged.

e. The sump pump’s discharge pipe is blocked up.

f. The bottom of the pump is cracked therefore causing water to leak.

g. The discharge pipe is leaking.

h. The suction intake screen is somehow blocked up.

3. The Pump Only Runs For Short Periods Of Time And Shuts Off Before Water Is Completely Gone -

This is also another issue that you may experience in the long run. For this kind of problem, here’s a list of possible causes:

a. The float switch is out of adjustment.

b. The float switch is totally damaged.

c. The pump overheated and is shut off by the thermal overload.

4. Pump Won’t Run Or Won’t Even Start -

When the sump pump won’t even start, there are several factors that should be checked.

a. The float switch of the pump isn’t being raised high enough.

Like we mentioned above, if your pump is continuously running, it's most likely because the float switch is stuck in the, "on" position and the sump pit h

b. The pump is not getting enough electricity.

c. Debris already jammed up the impeller.

d. The float switch may be defective.

e. The pump has already shut down because it was overloaded.

f. The pump is defective.

5. The Pump Is Incredibly Noisy.

Is the pump making all sorts of noise and driving you nuts already? Here’s a list of probable causes:

a. The discharge pipe of the pump is banging or rattling against the joists or the wall.

b. The check valve is slamming shut.

c. The pump is vibrating.

d. The pump is sucking air after every cycle.

6. The Fuse Trips Or Blows When The Appliance Is Activated -

If the fuse trips or blows every time that the pump starts to pump, here are a number of factors that may cause this problem.

a. Water seeped into the cord or the float switch connector.

b. The extension cord or wiring to the outlet is too light.

c. The impeller is jammed.

d. The float switch is already defective.

e. The pump has a shorted winding.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our blog about sump pump problems that you should watch out for. If you ever experience this problem at home, just call a trusted plumber in Miami. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides excellent sump pump repair Miami as well as other services like septic tank cleaning in Miami, water heater repair in Miami, drain cleaning in Miami, leak detection in Miami and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731 or fill out the form on our website!

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