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On Broward County Backflow Certification and Backflow Prevention


Your plumbing system is comprised of two sub-systems: your clean water lines and drainage lines. You should know that there are joints, also known as cross-connections, where these lines meet. These cross-connections are prone to water contamination because soiled water or sewage may get into the potable water lines. When this happens, your health will be compromised. With that being said, backflow preventers are a must.

What Is A Backflow?

A backflow pertains to the undesirable flow of water, opposite its supposed direction in the pipe. In this case, a backflow happens when sewage water doesn’t flow straight to the septic tank or sewer system and instead finds a way into your clean water lines. Usually, this occurs when there’s a sudden drop or increase in the pressure inside the pipes and also when there are cracks in the system. When your potable water gets polluted, you won’t be able to use your plumbing. You just have to fix the fault in the plumbing lines and have the water treated before you’re able to use and drink water from your taps and showers again.

What Are Backflow Preventers?

Backflow preventers are devices that are specially designed to thwart water contamination on both residential and commercial properties. In Florida, for example, establishments are mandated by the state government to have backflow preventers installed. These establishments include barber shops, beauty salons, automobile repair shops, car washes, restaurants, drycleaners, medical centers and many more. It is also worth remembering that properties with more than three stories are also required to have these devices.

Can You Install Backflow Preventers On Your Own?

Unfortunately, no. While you can install and repair taps, showers and other types of plumbing fixtures on your own, only licensed and certified plumbing professionals can install backflow preventers. You just can’t risk water contamination and inflict danger on your health so just leave the job to your friendly plumber. After the device is installed, it still has to be tested just to ensure that it works fine.

Broward County Backflow Certification

Aside from acquiring a license, a contractor or plumber is also mandated to pass an examination for backflow prevention. This examination is taken every two years, depending on local plumbing rules and regulations. Without this certification, a plumbing expert won’t be able to install and test backflow preventers.

We hope that you learned about Broward County backflow certification from our blog today. If you are always experiencing backflows in your home or business, just call your trusted Miami plumber for backflow prevention services. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers local plumbing services in Miami FL including backflow prevention, septic tank maintenance, sewer cleaning, sewer jetter cleaner, sewer camera inspection and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731 to schedule a service!

Learn more about backflow prevention and cross-connection control! Watch this video now.

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