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A Quick Look at the Average Cost of Bathroom Remodel


A bathroom remodel is every homeowner’s dream. If you’ve been watching home makeover shows like Bath Crashers, you’ve seen how much beauty a remodeling can give to your toilet and bath. The biggest question, however, is how much are you going to shell out for such a project? Well, let us tell you the truth. There isn’t a single ballpark figure we can give out to all homeowners out there basically because your homes (and bathrooms for that matter) vary in a lot of ways. But, we can give you an idea based on certain aspects. Here are some information you might want to know.

Are There Advantages In Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Well, there are a number of benefits that you’ll get from a bathroom improvement. First of all, your toilet and bath will look stunning, fresh and new. That would certainly make your bath time more enjoyable than ever! Secondly, your property’s value will increase. In fact, it can go up to as high as 5 to 10 percent. Isn’t that an advantage already?

According To Surveys…

In a recent consumer survey made by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, it was reported that the average bathroom renovation done in 2014 amounted to roughly $17,000 with 20% of this figure spent on labor. You have to remember though that this value doesn’t represent remodeling on all bathroom types. The cost is of course dependent on the size of the room; the type of improvements applied; the geographical area where the property is located; the type of fixtures upgraded and if plumbing has been moved or the otherwise.

What Parts Of The Bathroom Are Usually Changed Or Improved?

To be honest, it could be a total overhaul or just in parts. You can have the entire room renovated or you can only focus on the areas that need attention to avoid spending too much money. These areas range from the floor tiles, ceiling, walls, lighting, ventilation, fixtures or cabinets. It could also be as simple as changing the paint (or color), the decors or maybe adding an additional window for natural lighting.

How Will You Beautify Your Bathroom For Less?

If you need to change your cracked tiles or upgrade your fixtures, that’s not a big problem at all. Just choose quality yet affordable tiles and fixtures. There’s really no need to splurge on high-end faucets and bathtubs unless you do have the budget. You can also update your bath accessories like your towel bars and mirror. You can replace your bathroom cabinet to something that adds more elegance to the room. Perhaps a wood vanity with a granite countertop sounds nice? If you’ve been using the same shower for years, you can replace its head. If your tub already has areas that are chipped off or cracked, just buy a repair kit and make it look brand new again. Last but not the least, you can save a significant amount of money by not moving your plumbing.

We hope that we’ve shed light on the average cost of a bathroom remodel and that you enjoyed reading our simple tips. If you need to have your toilet renovated, just look for the most reputed North Miami Beach FL plumbing professionals. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers affordable yet high-quality plumbing services in North Miami Beach FL including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, backflow prevention, bathroom fixture repair and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731!

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