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How to Repair Toilet Flange Fast


The toilet flange is an important part of the john. It’s a kind of fitting that’s usually made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material. Also known to many as the closet flange, it is designed to mount and secure the toilet to the floor and connect it to its drainpipe. Now if the wax ring or the toilet flange gets damaged or worn out, you’ll notice that your john will leak or get wobbly. If you’re experiencing such an issue now, follow this DIY guide on how to repair a toilet flange.

1. Prepare your work area by putting newspapers or used cloths / towels on the floor. This is where you’ll place your toilet while you’re working on the flange.

2. Shut your water supply and disconnect the supply pipes from the toilet tank. Flush the toilet to get rid of all the water in the tank. You can use a sponge to absorb and discard any excess water in it.

3. You’ll find two nuts at the base of the toilet. These will secure the john to the floor. Remove them with the use of your wrench or by hand. Put them in a safe place because you’ll use them later.

4. Carefully lift the toilet and put it on top of the cloth or newspapers that you have prepared a while ago.

5. Get rid of debris on the wax ring with the use of your putty knife.

6. Detach the screws from the flange with your screwdriver.

7. Remove the toilet flange and wash sediments off in the sink.

8. Now put a washcloth in the mouth of the outflow pipe. This will prevent sewer gases from escaping out of the pipe and filling the bathroom with foul smell.

9. Make sure that you have the right size of toilet flange. Bring the old one to the supply shop just to be sure. When you’re ready to replace the flange, remove the washcloth.

10. Place the new flange onto the floor and secure it with the new bolts. These will hold the toilet to the floor. Place the new wax ring in place, too.

11. Carefully lift the toilet and put it on top of the wax ring. Push on it to keep it flat to the floor and get rid of any gap. Secure the new bolts and press the toilet down further to seal the wax ring.

12. Screw the nuts into place again. Tighten them with the use of a wrench.

13. Connect the water supply lines and turn the valve on. Let the tank fill and flush it. Make sure that there are no leaks.

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