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The Miami Plumber’s Guide on How to Fix a Slow Draining Sink


A slow draining sink drain is a common plumbing problem that homeowners encounter. However, there’s no need to worry because even if this issue is quite annoying, it is fortunately easy to fix. You should remember though that a slow drain may be a sign of a growing clog so might as well perform the necessary repair immediately. Here are a few methods that may solve this problem.

1. If your sink has a pop-up stopper, it is possible that debris or sediments from hard water have already accumulated in there. Simply remove the pop-up by detaching the nut that’s holding this component in place. It is usually located just under the sink. When you have disconnected the nut, you can already pull the pop-up out. Clean it thoroughly then put it back in place.

2. Your sink plumbing must have a sink overflow. It is installed for the purpose of allowing air to get into the drain pipe when your kitchen or bathroom sink is filled with water. Because of the air inside the pipe, the water in the sink is able to drain a lot faster. However, when the sink overflow collects a lot of sediments and debris, the flow of water into the drain is affected. To resolve the problem, simply clean the overflow and get rid of the sediment build-up there.

3. Use your favorite home remedy. There are a lot of options for a home drain cleaner. Basically, the principle is just to clear the drain pipes of the sticky substances in order to better the flow of water inside. Here are a number of solutions you can try as discussed on our earlier blogs:

a. Baking Soda & Vinegar

b. Alka Seltzer Tablets & Vinegar

c. Borax, Salt & Vinegar

d. Baking Soda & Lemon Juice

e. Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

4. If the problem persists, you may proceed with the repair and use your reliable plunger. Fill the sink with water so that the plunger’s rubber part will get soaked. Once ready, start plunging up and down in a consistent pace. Make 15 repetitions then test if the drain has been fixed.

5. If the plunger still doesn’t get rid of the problem, use a plumbing snake. Insert the snake into the drain and turn the crank clockwise. Keep on turning it to hook the sticky substances that have clung on to the walls of the pipes. When you’re done, slowly pull the snake out and dispose of the waste materials. Test if the drain now works properly.

We hope that you learned how to fix slow draining sink from our blog today. If the problem persists, simply rely on your trustworthy Broward County plumber. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional and yet affordable Broward County plumbing services including bathroom fixture installation, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, water heater service, leak detection and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731 to schedule a service!

Learn how to clear a clogged sink drain. Watch this video we found on YouTube!

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