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The Guide to Grease Trap Cleaning

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As we have always pointed out, grease should never enter your drain pipes because they’ll sooner or later cause clogs. As you may have noticed, oil solidifies at low temperatures. And since drain pipes are usually cool, the oily substances or grease that gets into the lines tend to solidify over time thus resulting to blockages. Once they clog your pipes, you’ll know what’s going to happen next. You’ll surely be in for a great deal of inconvenience. Fortunately, grease traps were invented.

What Are Grease Traps?

Grease traps are also known as grease converters, grease recovery devices or grease interceptors. These are devices that are used to intercept oil, oily substances and even solids so that they won’t enter your septic tank or the main sewage line where your home is connected to. What you have to remember though is that these things also need to be cleaned to keep them functioning properly.

How Do Professionals Clean Grease Traps?

  1. The first step in cleaning grease traps is the removal of the lid. It can be pried off with the use of a bar. This task should be accomplished carefully because there are gaskets right under the cover that may get damaged.
  2. Once the plumber has access to the trap, the parts will be carefully removed as well. The components will be properly returned or reassembled later on.
  3. Afterward, a measuring stick (or a wooden dowel) will be inserted into the trap. Doing this will allow the plumber to measure the amount of grease stored in it.
  4. Once the measurement is taken and recorded, a small bucket will be used to remove the standing water in the trap.
  5. When the water has been removed, all the solidified wastes will be scooped out next. The collected waste materials will be placed in a container and then disposed of properly.
  6. After scraping down all the wastes, the trap will be cleaned thoroughly using tap water and soap.
  7. Once done, the trap will be reassembled.

If you need to have your grease traps cleaned now, just call a Miami plumber from Douglas Orr Plumbing! Call us at (305) 240-6731 to schedule a service!

Learn how to remove kitchen sink clogs caused by grease. Watch this video we found on YouTube!

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