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What Is a Plumbing Cleanout and What Is It For?


Have you already experienced a clog in your main drainage line? We hope not. In such a plumbing emergency, your entire plumbing system is prone to nasty backups. And although symptoms will arise to signal the problem, sometimes, we just fail to notice them. Fortunately, there’s a way to get rid of such blockages. A high-power auger will be inserted into the system and used to break through the clog. Now the question is, where will it be inserted? The answer is simply your plumbing cleanout. Not every home has one but if you do, you are very lucky because you can get rid of the problem yourself. There are auger rental shops that will lend you their power tool for a fee. However, we recommend letting the professionals handle the problem to prevent incurring more damage to your plumbing. Anyway, here are some things that you should know about plumbing cleanouts.

What Is A Cleanout?

It’s a short pipe that’s located somewhere in your yard and features a closed cap to prevent anything from getting into or out of the system. Its main function is to provide access to your main drainage pipes so that they can be cleaned or freed from clogs. The cleanout is also where professionals insert a plumbing camera to inspect the interior of the plumbing system. The cap can be opened with the help of a wrench or simply by hand.

How Many Cleanouts Should Your Property Have?

Not all properties have sewer cleanouts. However, most have one or a couple of them so if ever you find one; you have to look around for the second or third cleanout. Unless of course, your plumber tells you the number of cleanouts you have beforehand.

Do You Need To Locate Your Cleanout?

Yes, you do. It is essential to figure out where it is located so that in case of a major blockage, you can access the cleanout immediately and prevent backups. If you are located in an area that’s prone to snowing, you may find the cleanout in your basement. Aside from speedy action during emergency situations, knowing the location of your cleanout lessens the amount of time your plumber will spend during a service call-out. Instead of scanning your yard for hours, you can simply tell him where it is right away. Thus, he’ll be able to perform the necessary inspection or repair immediately.

We hope that you learned some valuable information about your plumbing cleanout. Should you need to have it inspected, just look for a local plumbing company in Doral FL. Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional plumbing services in Doral FL including sewer cleaning, sewer camera locator, repiping, backflow prevention and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731!

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