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How to Install an Undermount Sink for Your Kitchen

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An undermount sink provides a number of benefits that truly appeal homeowners. First of all, it is designed in a way that the person in charge of cleaning up after dinner simply wipes food scraps straight into the basin. There won’t be any exposed edges that will block dirt and crumbs. This type of sink also gives back a significant amount of counter space. Since it is mounted under the sink, you’ll be provided more space to prepare your food when cooking. You should remember though that it costs more than traditional sinks. Its average rate ranges from $250 to $900, varying on its material and size. If you have the budget and if you’re interested in switching to this type of washbasin, read on and learn how to install it!

1. Before installing your sink, you must prepare the counter. It should be cut appropriately for the sink that you’ll purchase. If you have carpentry skills, you can always do the cutting on your own. Otherwise, have to ask a professional to cut it for you.

2. Consider the fixture that you’ll install together with the sink too. What kind of faucet do you wish to use? Would you want a sprayer hooked up, too? Ensure that the counter’s going to have holes for those. Lastly, the counter should be solid and strong enough to hold the sink. Choose marble or granite.

3. Position a 2” x 4” wood across your countertop. Use a clamp to secure the sink underside and make your adjustments. Connect the wing nuts and the screw heads. Now test if the hole is fit for your sink. If it is, mark the spots where you’ll install your mounting clips.

4. Remove the sink and drill holes for the brass-made inserts. Each hole should measure approximately a quarter of an inch. Clean the edges with the help of denatured alcohol.

5. Get some silicone sealant and apply liberally along the edges. Position the sink back in place.

6. Thread the nuts onto the screw heads. Make sure to tighten each one of them to anchor all the inserts securely. Do not tighten the wing nuts with tools. Use your hands instead.

7. Remove the clamps and attach masking tape just across the back of your countertop. Don’t forget to mark the faucet holes. Once done with the tape, drill holes again with the help of a diamond coring bit. This time, the holes should measure 1.25 inches. Allow this to cure overnight before proceeding with your plumbing installation.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our guide on how to install an under mount sink. Should you need help with plumbing, just call the most trusted plumbers in Biscayne Park FL! Douglas Orr Plumbing provides affordable yet high-quality plumbing services in Biscayne Park FL including remodeling, kitchen remodeling, plumbing repairs, grease trap installation and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731!

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