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All About Plumbing: Tips to Keep Your Home at Tip-Top Shape

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Plumbing is not only for the experts. Even if you’re just a newbie in this field or a simple homeowner who aspires to keep your home plumbing in tip-top shape, you have all the chance to do so. Learning basic plumbing skills and techniques will help you get through leaky toilets, broken faucets or unclogging sinks and drains. If you are aiming to install water heaters, perform repiping or clean your sewers, well, that’s a completely different thing! You’ll need to really learn advanced plumbing by then! So anyway, to help you keep your home plumbing in good condition, let us share with you these valuable tips.

1. Regularly check under your kitchen and bathroom sink and make sure that there are no leaks. They won’t only cause damage to your flooring, cabinet or walls but they’ll also add up to your water bill.

2. Insulate your pipes, water lines, and water heating system especially during the winter. Take note of the bends and joints because these parts are really prone to freezing.

3. Avoid throwing food waste in your drain because it causes clogging. Don’t pour used oil down into the drain pipes too. Just recycle or dispose of it by letting it solidify, storing it in a sealed container and throwing it in the trash.

4. Fix dripping taps ASAP to prevent damages to your property.

5. Inspect your dishwasher and washing machine pipes to guarantee that there are no cracks, bulges or leaks. If there are damaged, have them fitted right away.

6. Avoid using chemical cleansers as they may damage your pipes. Use natural products such as baking soda, lime, and vinegar to get rid of foul smell or clogs. Hook the clog out using a handy plumbing snake.

7. If you’ll go on vacation during cold months, remember to leave the central heating on. Doing so will prevent the pipes from freezing.

8. Never use heat guns or blow torches to thaw out a frozen pipe. Just shut off the water supply and use hot water bottles for thawing.

9. Clear your bathroom drains of hair balls or soap scum to prevent clogging.

10. If a hard object gets into your toilets such as a toothbrush, comb or what-not, a plunger won’t be powerful enough to remove them. Use a vacuum to pull them out instead.

We hope that you learned all about plumbing from the tips we shared in this blog post. Should you need assistance in your home, just hire the most trustworthy plumbing professionals in Miami-Dade FL! Douglas Orr Plumbing provides first-rate and flawless plumbing services in Aventura including sewer cleaning, remodeling, repiping and many more! Call us now at (305) 240-6731!

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