sewer line video inspection

The Importance of a Video Sewer Line Inspection

There are plumbing problems that are easy to diagnose, in which the source of the problem can be identified and fixed without any trouble. However, not all issues are the same. Some can be more complicated than others and may require advanced method and equipment in order to be detected and dealt with correctly.

Drains and sewer inspection can get tricky without proper tools. There may be hidden problems that need to be discovered, and the source may not be visible in plain sight. At times, the only way to see the where the problem is coming from is through camera inspection done by a professional.

Luckily, all Miami plumbing experts at Douglas Orr Plumbing are trained to use tools that will enable them to detect all issues, even the hidden ones and offer the most efficient solution to the problem.

When Is A Sewer Line Camera Inspection Needed?

  1. When buying a new home

Buying a new home is an investment that involves an enormous amount of money. You wouldn’t want to waste money by making the wrong choice. Before deciding to buy a home in South Florida, a thorough drain and sewer line inspection will detect any problem and help you determine whether the house is worth buying. This will also help you identify issues that you will have to deal with if you decide to push through with the purchase.

  1. Sewer backups

Sewer backup is a major plumbing problem that most homeowner will have to face sooner or later. As common as it is, most property owners are clueless about the dangers this issue can pose if not dealt with right away. Sewer backups aren’t just unpleasant; it can also pose serious health threats to both people and animals. Call a local plumber immediately if you suspect that you have a sewage backup in your home.

  1. When you are experiencing multiple plumbing problems and suspect one source is causing them

Experiencing minor plumbing trouble from time to time is common in every household, especially if maintenance tasks are not carried out regularly. If you are experiencing multiple issues at the same time, nonetheless, it should be a cause for concern. Getting to the source of the problem may not be easy to do on your own, so don’t hesitate and just let the trained experts do the work for you.

  1. To identify if your sewer line needs replacement

There are instances when repairs are not guaranteed to fix problems with your sewer line, and the only solution left is a replacement. A camera inspection will accurately tell you what your case may be and help you decide the best step to take to make your plumbing system working well again.

If you think that your home could benefit from a video sewer line inspection, Douglas Orr is the company to call. Let our trained Miami plumbing technicians learn about the condition of your sewer line using our waterproof cameras. Call us today at (305) 240-6731 and leave all the tough work to us!