What Is a Flapperless Toilet Anyway?

What kind of toilet do you have at home? Are you using the traditional type or do you have a flapperless john? Yes, you read that right! Flapperless toilets are the talk of the town nowadays. They’re new and unconventional which are the very reasons why there’s so much buzz about these fixtures. But what are they anyway and how do they work? That’s what we’re going to answer on our blog today!

What Are Flapperless Toilets?

As the name implies, flapperless toilets do not have “flappers”. A flapper is a mechanism inside the tank that’s made from rubber. Its function is simply to control the flow of water out of the tank whenever you hit the flush of your ceramic throne. Now when this part deteriorates due to chemical cleaners or some other culprits, leaking will occur. So in the case of flapperless toilets, you won’t have to worry about that part getting damaged or worn out.

How Do They Work?

Technically, they are the gravity flush-type. Once you push on that lever (or flush as we call it), the bucket inside the toilet tank tips to let water flow into the toilet. It will then be filled up again after flushing.

Are There Advantages To Using A Flapperless Toilet?

Yes, there are some benefits. For instance, since it has no flapper, you will be less concerned about leakages inside the tank or the continuous flow of water into the toilet. It doesn’t have a seal and valve which are both prone to wear and tear as well for the reason that they are always submerged in water. Another advantage is that waste materials are disposed of in just one quick flush. No need to push down on that lever twice.

In terms of maintenance, this type of toilet also has advantages. First of all, there are no parts inside the tank so repair will be lessened, thus allowing you to save money. It also doesn’t waste water so you’ll also save on your utility expenses. Last but not the least, it saves time. You don’t have to wait for the tank to refill just so you can flush it the second time. You can get rid of waste in one swift move.

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