Upgrading Your Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances Can Save You More Money!

    Simple upgrades to your plumbing appliances and fixtures could save you hundreds. New fixtures can make your home more water-efficient and the result would be a smaller global footprint. Consider upgrading these household plumbing products to save water and money on your monthly bill.

    • Toilets
      Toilets made before 1992 use more than twice the amount of water than the new high-efficiency toilets do. Buying a new water saving toilet can save you approximately $2000 over the life of the toilet.
    • Showerheads
      Replace old showerheads with new low-flow fixtures. New-generation fixtures labeled “low-flow” use 2.5or fewer gallons of water per minute. Switching to a low-flow fixture can save you money instantly. The new models have high-performing options so that low-flow fixture can provide a luxurious experience and even more water pressure.
      Additionally, consider installing an on-demand hot water system or a recirculating pump for your existing tank. This can eliminate the need to run water before the shower to heat it up, which can save water, time and money.
    • Faucets
      Upgrading bathroom and kitchen faucets with low-flow models and aerators could save more over 4,000 cups of water a year. New low-flow designs are available so that you can upgrade your water-efficiency and your home’s look with a faucet upgrade.
    • Washing Machines
      Energy Star washing machines can save 7,000 gallons of water a year. Replacing an old machine with a high-efficiency, front load washer is an investment that uses half the water of the older models.
    • Dishwashers
      You can save over 400 gallons of water a year by using a high-efficiency, Energy Star dishwasher rather than washing and rinsing your dishes by hand. Energy Star models conserve water and don’t require any pre-rinsing, thus saving you time and money.
      Our professional plumbers are happy to assist you with questions about water conservation, appliance and fixture installation, and strategies to reduce water use. We can also help you design an energy- and water-efficient kitchen or bathroom.

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