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    Most people take their hot water heater for granted. It’s out of sight, out of mind, and as long as it’s working, we don’t really think about it.

    Generally, that works. This appliance is usually dependable and rarely experiences trouble, but there are times when you may experience a problem and need a hot water heater repair.   Douglas Orr Plumbing is here to help during those times.  Here are some symptoms to watch out for when it comes to your hot water heater:

    • Popping noise (like boiling water)
    • Bad smell (often like rotten eggs)
    • Faucets and appliances are no longer producing hot water.
    • Water is lukewarm, even though you have not changed the temperature setting.
    • Water is rust-colored.
    • Water stains under the heater.
    • If you experience these issues, the most likely cause is a faulty part or installation. A reputable plumbing company can tell you whether there are do-it-yourself things that you can try at home to solve the problem or if it is likely more serious and will need an expert plumber.
    • Call Douglas Orr Plumbing for friendly plumbing advice for any hot water heater repairs you may need.

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