Drain Clogs and Signs to Watch Out For

    Even drain lines that are installed professionally and expertly are susceptible to ground movement and housing shifts.  The best plumbing materials are not going to withstand buckets of grease or a child’s toy car. Even the most meticulous person will accumulate hair in their drains at some point.

    • Household Grease – As hot liquid grease cools, it solidifies. So pouring grease down a drain can create blockage when the grease hardens. This hardened material then sticks to pipes and collects food particles and other waste. Grease creates drainage problems and eventual backup. Avoid putting grease down your drains.
    • Hair – Hair easily accumulates under the drain stopper and in the trap. It then sticks to slime and other small particles that try to move down the drain. Clear your drains regularly before you notice problems with a coat hanger, pliers, or other similar tools. If a clog has created a slow drain or backup, you may need to call a plumber to have it snaked.
    • Foul OdorBacteria can cause odors near a shower, tub, toilet, sink, or other plumbing fixture. If you smell an offensive odor, check vents for blockages, clear any obstructions or add a small amount of bleach to the drain to kill bacteria. Finally, if the toilet is causing the odor, there may be a gap between the toilet base and the wax ring. Call a plumber to reset your toilet.
    • Chemicals – Avoid using chemicals to clear drains. They rarely work.  The same result can be accomplished with a plunger. Save money and time by avoiding these expensive chemical products.
    • If you experience any of these drain problems or need assistance clearing a blockage, please call us immediately.

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